DMZ America Podcast #6: Alzheimer’s, Afghanistan and Biden

Scott Stantis and I are aghast at the obvious failing cognitive abilities of America’s chief executive and Commander-In-Chief as he fends off media queries about American incompetence in the face of the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban. What can or, more to the point, should be done about our befuddled commander-in-chief? Riffing off personal experience, Scott and I have a few ideas on this latest edition of the DMZ America Podcast. Please listen and share!


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  • Biden keeps reading off his Teleprompter that the pullout is going the very best that it could have gone. The only alternative would be to stay and keep losing 100 or so soldiers every year and spending $150 million every day. We went into Afghanistan because Osama was there and he single-handedly ran the 9/11 hijackings, but after he was tracked down, there was no reason to stay.
    Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote that it was GREAT that Biden finally got us out of Afghanistan, but it could have been handled better. All the comments were, ‘Biden has handled the withdrawal in the very best way. It was always going to be very difficult, but Biden has managed, and if you had been in charge, you’d have done much worse than President Biden.’
    The MICIMAT has Biden’s back.

    • If the military (M1) and the intelligence “community” (I2) are actually fine with Biden’s Afghan action, then we must really be concerned with his real motivation and what comes next!

  • alex_the_tired
    August 23, 2021 7:10 PM

    Can’t wait to listen to this. Has anyone else noticed that the New York Times has pretty much completely shut down comments for any article concerning Afghanistan? It’s almost like they’re afraid, oh, I dunno, that a large portion of their readership (the ones without the fresh lobotomy scars) might start pointing out repeatedly that the complaint isn’t that Biden is pulling the U.S. out of Afghanistan but that he completely messed it up (to the point where it’s now almost certain there are going to be “unaccounted for” Americans and Afghan allies).

    • alex_the_tired
      August 24, 2021 11:09 PM

      Great podcast. Biden’s deterioration is really starting to advance. His reading off the teleprompter reminds me of someone who has had way too much to drink trying to slot the house key into the door lock.
      Frankly, this has all become a Greek tragedy. We’re 10 days into the pre-resignation phase of the Biden presidency, America as an empire has about a week left. All that’s missing? Newsom’s recall election is about 20 days away. He loses, a Republican replaces him, then Dianne Feinstein leaves office (feet first or otherwise). Or maybe Patrick Leahy dies. Same effect: the Senate swings to the Republicans. Biden becomes more entrenched, more Nixonian, Kamala Harris disappears (nothing happens to her, she just doesn’t bother coming in to work, I mean why bother?), 2022 is a complete bloodbath. 2024? Yeah, Trump v. Harris. You want to lay odds on that?

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