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Just dropped the brand-new edition of the DMZ podcast with Scott Stantis and I.

Today we are talking about the collapse of Afghanistan, and how it affects the Biden Administration as the President’s poll numbers continue to slide into the toilet. What’s the outlook for the midterm elections and the next presidential cycle? I continue to talk about my own experiences traveling in Afghanistan and Scott makes a strong case for voting third party.


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  • This is 2 podcasts stuck together. The August 20 podcast ends at about 33 minutes, then we get a rerun of the August 11 podcast about the resignation of Cuomo.
    Good podcast about Afghanistan. Mr Rall has a much better understanding of Afghanistan than just about anyone running things in the US government. Fortunately, the US political system guarantees that no one competent can achieve any power, only the most ignorant, venal, and corrupt rise to the top.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 22, 2021 6:43 PM

    Perhaps there can be a “Here’s how well everything is going in Afghanistan” update on each podcast from now until the last American and last Afghan ally is either dead, kidnapped, or officially declared missing. I mean, after all, how many ways can one express absolute incredulity at how badly Joe Biden completely screwed up? There should be some sort of update kind of freshness.

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