China stands accused of stuff the US does

A recent State Department report on human rights abuses by China is remarkable for how almost every item is something that the United States does.

I’m adding my specifics in [brackets]:

“Arbitrary or unlawful killings by the government [drone assassinations, hit jobs like bin Laden]; forced disappearances by the government [Gitmo, domestic policing in which suspects don’t get phone calls or lawyers]; torture by the government [still “legal” when done by the CIA at Gitmo and black sites]; harsh and life-threatening prison and detention conditions [every American jail and prison] . . . political prisoners [Chelsea Manning, 1960s radicals, Julian Assange, etc.]; politically motivated reprisal against individuals outside the country [yours truly by LAPD/LA Times, every leftist too] . . . arbitrary interference with privacy [NSA]; pervasive and intrusive technical surveillance and monitoring [Snowden told us all about it]; serious restrictions on free expression [crushing BLM and OWS], the press, and the internet [communications act, including physical attacks on and criminal prosecution of journalists, lawyers, writers, bloggers, dissidents, petitioners, and others as well as their family members, and censorship and site blocking [social media outlets do this sometimes]; . . . severe restrictions and suppression of religious freedom [talk to the Branch Davidians]; substantial restrictions on freedom of movement; . . . forced labor and trafficking in persons [prisoners are coerced and forced to work for slave wages]; severe restrictions on labor rights [Taft Harley Act, Right to Work laws], including a ban on workers organizing or joining unions of their own choosing; and child labor [kids under 18 work here].”

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