Order a Signed Copy of THE STRINGER Directly from Ted Rall

THE STRINGER is my new fiction graphic novel (“Breaking Bad” meets journalism). It’s getting a buzz and I’m pleasantly not surprised. I wrote a kickass story and Pablo Callejo’s artwork is awesome. The handsome full-color hardback book comes out April 21st. But my personal copies have arrived and I’m ready to sell autographed copies directly to you now. Simply click the link below and I’ll get your book out within days or a week or two! Thanks for your support!

A few things:

    1. Thanks to Trump’s idiot budget-slashing postmaster, the post office is fucked up. Expect delays in shipment. I use USPS Priority Mail within the United States.
    2. If you’re not in the U.S.: First, congrats. The US is fucked up too. Second: do NOT use the link below. Contact me directly. Include your address and I’ll quote a price for shipping. The book is big and heavy so it’s going to be expensive to send it overseas, especially countries other than Canada and Mexico.
    3. Shipping is expensive because the book is big and heavy.
    4. If you prefer not to use PayPal, there are two alternate forms of payment. You can mail me a check or money order, or if you’re JFK  on an atoll in the Pacific, you can write me an IOU on a coconut. Contact me directly for the mailing address. I also have Square, so we can arrange to text or talk on the phone and I’ll take your credit card number. (Visa, MC or Amex).
    5. Make sure to indicate to whom and how you’d like your book signed. I can’t read your mind! If you leave that question blank, I’ll just signed “To [You] —Best, Ted” or somesuch. Boring, but up to you.
    6. You will save money on shipping by ordering multiple copies. Contact me directly if you want more than one.

 Happy ordering and happy reading!

How would you like it signed?

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