Interview with Francesca Rheannon of Writers Voice about the Leftie Voting Dilemma

This is the one of the better Interviews I have ever done. Even if you have heard me a lot, you’ll probably find this one of interest. Francesca’s questions are hard hitting and she comes to the table fully armed with knowledge. If you really want to hear a strong debate between progressives about whether or not to vote for Joe Biden, here it is.


  • Ted,
    Good interview. But Elbaum’s whole argument falls apart as he presents it.
    1. He’s pushing compromise. We’ve tried that for 35 years. It does not work.
    2. Elbaum’s still trying to push Identity Politics as a viable platform. If it ever was, it no longer is because everyone has become so argumentative. We must be united by our shared complaints against capitalist greed (not capitalism itself).
    3. Why does everyone think racism is going away when Trump leaves the White House? It isn’t. Stop using that as a selling point, socialists.
    4. Um, Biden will safely vent all the collective anger and rage. That is, absolutely, the worst possible thing we could do right now. Supporting Biden is, thus, a mistake. We do not need tired Boomer rhetoric about Che and Lenin. We need things being broken and rebroken and broken some more until we get health care and living wages and economic justice. And “hey, kids, let me tell you about the ’60s” is trying to read us one of his Marxist screeds from his college days.

    And I pre-ordered your book. April 20th? That’s a long way off. And it’s Hitler’s birthday. Not a positive sign, Ted.

  • Great interview, Ted.

    The interviewer’s objections from were well and convincingly met by you.

    Climate change resolution has forever been for “some day”.

    Now it’s time for it to be “Now or Never”.

    The Final Exam time has arrived.

  • Oh, look. An article in the New York Times ( that basically backs everything Ted said. We’ve passed the point of compromise. Let’s track all the times the NYTimes runs articles now about “special” trips for boomers and other wealthy people, and organically sourced apples from Fiji and so forth because, if you’re rich, the very best is barely good enough.
    Remember in the 1940s? The slogan went something like “If you’re driving alone, you’re riding with Hitler.” People pulled together out of a sense of national duty to defeat a common foe. Watch Karen get the vapors if she’s told she can’t have first class seating anymore because the planes have to carry as many people as possible on every trip.