Male Karens?

We need a name for male “Karens.” You know the type: white men, usually middle age, determined to control your behavior and who are clueless.

Today I was driving behind such a man on a country road. He was driving way under the speed limit and I was in a rush. I didn’t honk, I didn’t flash, I didn’t tailgate, but when I saw the chance to pass him I did. He sped up to try to stop me from passing him. Clearly he thought to himself, what is this guy in such a hurry? I’ll slow him down.

The guy knew absolutely nothing about my situation. For all he knew, I could be bleeding to death and racing to the hospital.

Not my first encounter with the self-appointed speed vigilante patrol. In Napa a guy sped up to prevent me from passing then slowed to keep me from getting back behind him. A car was coming the other direction. Dude tried to kill us both. It has happened a few other times.

I don’t care if someone wants to pass me. I pull over and let them. Not. My. Business.

I have never seen a woman behave this way. I have never seen a black guy behave this way.

Anyway, let the naming begin!

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