Male Karens?

We need a name for male “Karens.” You know the type: white men, usually middle age, determined to control your behavior and who are clueless.

Today I was driving behind such a man on a country road. He was driving way under the speed limit and I was in a rush. I didn’t honk, I didn’t flash, I didn’t tailgate, but when I saw the chance to pass him I did. He sped up to try to stop me from passing him. Clearly he thought to himself, what is this guy in such a hurry? I’ll slow him down.

The guy knew absolutely nothing about my situation. For all he knew, I could be bleeding to death and racing to the hospital.

Not my first encounter with the self-appointed speed vigilante patrol. In Napa a guy sped up to prevent me from passing then slowed to keep me from getting back behind him. A car was coming the other direction. Dude tried to kill us both. It has happened a few other times.

I don’t care if someone wants to pass me. I pull over and let them. Not. My. Business.

I have never seen a woman behave this way. I have never seen a black guy behave this way.

Anyway, let the naming begin!


    August 27, 2020 2:43 PM

    How about Mike?

    After the Pence’s.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 27, 2020 9:21 PM

    Easy. Karen, meet your male equivalent: Darren..
    Or … how about Karl? Then, when you meet a pair of these types, you can just call them Ka-Ka.

  • Too late! There’s already a name for them: Ken.

    So it’s “Karens” and “Kens”.

    • Dictionary says it’s Kyle, a male Karen.
      (I had to look up ‘Karen’, and Dictionary had ‘related words’ as part of the entry.)
      Since ‘WASP male’ has been saying it for years ….

  • I just call people who stick their nose into other people’s business, without knowing what that other person’s business is, a “shithead”.

    As in, “I was stuck behind a slow-driving ‘shithead’ who wouldn’t let me pass him”.

    I was once driving in a dense fog with my wife and baby in the car, when a car came up behind me flashing his lights for me to speed up or to get out of his way. So if I’m driving 10 mph and the guy can’t see well enough to pass me, then he is just a shithead.

    The funny thing is that I when a saw the sign for the next turn I needed to make, but I couldn’t see where the turn was, I turned at the first place that looked like an intersection and it turned out to be a private driveway leading up to a garage door.

    But the train of cars following behind me followed me right into the driveway, because they couldn’t see any better than I could.

    It was funny seeing the shitheads coming in behind me then making the same 3 point turn I had just made to get out of the private driveway and back onto the road. And they were still behind me.

    I hate shitheads, especially when driving in a fog.