If Biden Wins

If Biden wins:

  1. He might get to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If so, he’ll pick a conservative corporatist. After all, he has to placate the Republicans in the Senate.
  2. Kids will remain in cages at the border. Releasing them would piss off the right-wingers who run ICE and BCE. As a Democrat, he won’t want to appear weak on immigration, opening his party to attacks in the 2022 midterms.
  3. No change on healthcare. Biden already said that.
  4. No student loan forgiveness. He already said that.
  5. No Green New Deal. He already said that.
  6. War with Venezuela? Entirely possible. He said that.
  7. His Homeland Security goons will beat the shit out of Black Lives Matter and other protesters. Obama’s did it to Occupy.
  8. His NSA spooks will keep spying on our email and texts. The dude was behind the Patriot Act.
  9. He will not appoint a single progressive to his cabinet. Obama didn’t either.
  10. Aside from the occasional old white man gaffe, Biden will be polite and affable.


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Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at ANewDomain.net, editor-in-chief of SkewedNews.net, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

10 thoughts on “If Biden Wins

  1. 11. He won’t do anything on nuclear disarmament. The current multi-trillion dollar nuclear weapon modernization programs were started under Obama.

  2. #10: absolutely no more covfefe all day every day.
    I head a professor of African-American studies asked about Obama’s complete and utter destruction of Libya, killing many Africans. ‘That’s just whataboutism,’ he replied, ‘and everyone dies. Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had because of the terrible things he’s done, like calling Africa a shithole.’
    So if Trump’s tweets and obscenities are the worst thing any president has ever done, Biden will always read off the Teleprompter the stuff that’s been checked and re-checked and re-re-checked by teams of professionals, and that will make a lot of voters a lot happier than they’ve been since 20 Jan ’17.
    (Of course, if you care about #1 to #9, plus #11, the years since 20 Jan ’17 with no new shooting wars might look a bit better, but if you care more about #1 to #9, you’re not a typical voter.)

  3. Trump wins a puts another right wing theocrat on the court. Abortion becomes a felony. Christian prayer becomes mandatory in all schools and public venues. Public protest is outlawed. The BRIC countries continue to work with the EU to marginalize the US as a world power. Welcome to the second world. See you in church–or jail, your choice.

  4. How about : 12. Initiates a shooting conflict with China/Russia which soon escalates to a nuclear Armageddon, which puts an end to all our troubles in one fell swoop. No that’s what I call problem solving !…


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  6. Spell her name: Ginsburg. 🙂
    Is the point of anti-Biden arguments that we should not vote at all? Vote for Howie? Or is it to prepare us for another bad administration and that we should not fall asleep in our activism?
    To start a revolution and overthrow the whole system? The worship of our political system is still fully ingrained in the psyche of most Americans. Our political system is sclerotic and is failing us.

    • When I spell it wrong I … Howl … at myself. All the anti-um-Bidenism is for a bunch of reasons, but basically: He’s selling us the same gimcrack that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did. Oh, baby, I respect you, and I super swear I won’t come in your mouth. All you have to do is LOOK at him. Every other utterance is a lie. He talked about only making $35,000 back in 1971 (or something). It turns out to be $175,000 in today’s money. He doesn’t want you or me to have Medicare for All, but, wow, golly, when HIS kid was dying by inches, I guarantee that Senate health care provided trans-platinum grade care. He’s the best friend Wall Street could have.
      All the above applies to Trump, but the left-of-center SEE THROUGH Trump.
      Trump is trying to open up the arctic for oil exploration. The progressives are aghast. I completely don’t care. Why? Because all that compromise and triangulation from Hillary and Bill and Barack? It’s now mathematically impossible to stop the Greenland icesheet from melting. And the arctic will be thawing soon, too. All those animals, all that fragile beauty? It won’t be able to adapt quickly enough. I say let Trump pump all the oil and put in a parking lot. Then the progressives can tsk-tsk as they fill up at the gas station on their way to a spa treatment.

      • Listening right now to interview with Sarah Chayes whose new book is all about corruption in USA and worldwide. She said most people agree Trump is corrupt, yet most Americans so not see it with the Dems/BIden and that is not a good thing(obviously)

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