I Have a Piece in Today’s Wall Street Journal about AOC v Pelosi.

It is here. You can usually get past the paywall if you get there via a Twitter link.

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2 thoughts on “I Have a Piece in Today’s Wall Street Journal about AOC v Pelosi.

  1. Q: Do you want to win?
    A: Do we retain full control and get to look sagely and statesman-ly?
    Q: Erm, not really, no.
    A: Ingrate, do you want Trump to win?

    The second bit is as important as staying in control, I believe. What remains of the mass appeal of “centrist” Democrats is that they identify as a party of professionals for professionals. That’s why they detest the “squad” even more than Bernie who at least has the decency to be old and experienced in politics.

  2. Progressives don’t want fewer wars of choice; they want none at all. Add that fundamental divide to the Democratic establishment’s stubborn refusal to pivot toward the left, or even respect it, and it’s possible to imagine a not-so-distant future in which progressive voters leave the Democrats to form a new party—or stop voting entirely.

    Indeed, Ted – let us hope that a new US party able and willing to meaningfully contest elections with the two factions of the War Party will arise and be successful. Alas, the responses to your article by Wall Street Journal readers would indicate that they will not be supporting this new party, but perhaps that was not unexpected ?… 😉