Full Text of Index on Censorship Amicus Letter

Index on Censorship, the prestigious UK-based free-speech organization, has joined six US-based pro-press freedom organizations to oppose the LA Times’ four-year campaign of harassment and libel against me, trying to ruin me because I offended their then-business partner and part-owner, the Los Angeles Police Department, with my cartoons. Here is the complete text of the IoC letter.



  • The above letter is yet more evidence of how those dastardly foreigners interfere in the internal affairs of the United States of America. Bomb London (after Moscow has been taken care of, of course – one must have priorities) !…


    • Moscow, London, Caracas, Pyongyang.

      I don’t think the location matters a great deal. But we should get on with it soon so the clean up can be done.

      Sooner or later them damn Vietnamese are bound to get a bit too uppity (not having been napalmed lately) and we’ll be needing a new place to make our cheap T-shirts.