Project Censored Calls LA Times’ Abuse of anti-SLAPP Law “Obscene”

Weighing in with an Amicus Letter in Ted Rall v. Los Angeles Times, Project Censored calls the LA Times’ legal tactics “backwards and obscene.”

Project Censored is the sixth major First Amendment organization to support me with an Amicus Letter to the California Supreme Court.


  • > the sixth major First Amendment organization

    The game is afoot! The door is ajar! The ship is ashore!

    It would be hard for The SC o’ CA to refuse to hear the case with so much support (“visibility”). It would also be hard to believe they could possibly rule in favor of The Times once they do.

    • CrazyH, That’s how I feel too. Of course I am still stunned by what happened in court in LA. But the tide appears to be turning.