CBDLF Files Amicus Letter Supporting Ted Rall vs. LA Times

Thank you to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for filing an Amicus Letter in my case against the LA Times and in favor of free speech with the California State Supreme Court! Anti-SLAPP laws should not be abused by giant corporations to stifle free expression.


  • Nice.

    Y’know what’s sad? It’s sad that Superhero Comic Books are leaders in the cultural revolution. While there are now openly bi/gay/other on TV, the DC/Marvel-verse got there first.

    Y’know what else is sad? Political cartoonists and late-night comedians seem to be more willing to hold the politicritters responsible than are “serious” reporters.

    What’s even more sad … so far, only the comic books have offered Ted public support.


    Public support. pubLic … ‘pubic’ support is closer to what the other guys are doing …

  • alex_the_tired
    March 4, 2019 10:23 PM

    They took THIS long to file a letter in support of you? Jesus. Remember “Boiled Angel?”

  • I tried to find a reference to this Amicus letter on the CDBLF website, but failed. Strange….