Times Are Tough, Please Help!

Got some bad financial news.

Now more than ever, I need you to support my cartooning career. If I can double my level of Patreon support, I’ll be able to weather my current financial troubles and continue to draw cartoons and write essays that strive to make a real difference! If you are not already pitching in, please click here. Thanks!

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  • [Sci Fi Geek]

    The way the interwebz was *supposed* to work was that everyone would chip in a few pennies to support whatever news source they found informative and/or useful, with proceeds paid directly to the authors.

    It didn’t work out that way. Instead we have advertisers paying for clicks … a system which favors those writers whose readers are gullible and/or easily-distracted. Also Facebook What could possibly go wrong?

    Hell, you just got your payroll taxes cut by two bucks a paycheck – might as well send it Ted’s way.