The Eyes Have It: Ophthalmology Update

Thank you for your well wishes.

Short version update: my eyes look better, see worse.

The good news about my fight against a serious case of viral conjunctivitis is that it doesn’t hurt much anymore. If you saw me, you’d say I look pretty normal. The “pink” in pink eye is largely gone. It doesn’t feel like there’s sand lodged in my eyes anymore. I can think again. There’s hardly any discharge and just a small flow of tears. The doctor says I’m not contagious anymore.

The bad news is, my vision is not only improving, it’s getting worse. My doctor says there’s no way to know what happens next. It gets better. Or it doesn’t. Total recovery, blindness or permanent vision loss. Who knows?

Everything’s blurry. Really blurry.

I miss the sharp edges.

6 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It: Ophthalmology Update

  1. I know someone who had brain cancer.

    Between the cancer and the cure, vision was blurry, and one eye would go off in its own direction at the most inopportune times.

    Amazing what time and focusing exercises can do to overcome nerve damage.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Keep fighting, Ted. Read “The Power of Positive Thinking” if you never have.

    Plenty of artists throughout history have had eye trouble – maybe that’s where Impressionism and Pointillism came from.

  3. You are quite a bit younger than i am, but I can sympathize with your eye problems. A couple of years ago, an ophthalmologist discovered that I had a tear in the retina of my left eye. Emergency surgery, he said. Oh, but this was discovered on Thursday, and the earliest they could operate was Tuesday, because Monday was a national holiday.


    Well, I can see (at 74 years-of-age), but my vision was better as a myopic a few years ago with corrective lenses. The right eye compensates for what I’ve lost in the left eye. (The doctor says my vision is “perfect,” since my exam on Cinco de Mayo, six days ago.)

    Keep your spirits up (especially the tequila) and hope for the best. We are all on your side and rooting for you!

  4. Dear Ted,

    I – and your other fans, of which you have many – wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery….


  5. I just want to add my very best wishes for America’s ‘most ferocious Gen-X cartoonist.’

    From your previous snippets, I assume the ACA is providing you with decent, affordable medical care.

    And the AHCA is currently stuck in the Senate, where we all hope it dies the death it so richly deserves.