You Did It! $75,000 Crowdfunding Effort Succeeds, LA Times Court Bond Filed


746 people.


Thanks to you, we beat back the Times’ despicable attempt to deny me a chance to prove my case in court.

Thank you so much.

Below I am posting an image of the bond filed at LA Superior Court. Amazing that so much money buys you such a crappy piece of paper! I was expecting a wax seal and gold embossing.

Here’s what happens next:

Additional donations up to $80,000 will help cover the 5% GoFundMe fee of $75,000 x .05 = $3750, plus the $1250 bond company fee, for a total of $5000.

Donations over $80,000, if any, will be applied to legal expenses such as flying from New York to Los Angeles to consult with my attorneys and to attend hearings.

At a hearing on Tuesday, August 23, the judge will be informed that we filed the required bond. That means the case moves forward. Thank you!!!

The Times’ anti-SLAPP motion is currently scheduled to be heard in March 2017. (The court could change the hearing date.) We will use the months between now and then to draft our defense to their anti-SLAPP motion.

If the judge rules for the Times, I will be hit with a judgement for the Times’ legal fees, which are expected to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. The $75,000 bond would be applied toward that balance. The Times will go after me for the rest.

If the judge rules in our favor, the Times has the right to appeal to the Court of Appeals. Given their contemptuous behavior so far, we expect them to do that. We don’t know how long it would take to get a hearing date.

Again, if the Court of Appeals rules in the Times’ favor on anti-SLAPP, the Times will go after me for their legal fees.

If the Court of Appeals rules for me, however, we move forward toward trial in LA Superior Court on the fundamental issues of this case: wrongful termination, blacklisting, defamation, etc. We begin discovery, depositions. Finally, there is a court date.

After a verdict, of course, the  system provides for appeals to higher courts.

I am prepared for a long fight against an intransigent and unrepentant adversary, a corporate conglomerate without a conscience. I am mentally and physically strong. I have stamina and a lot of energy. Most of all, I have the truth on my side.

I want two things:

Accountability for Austin Beutner, Nick Goldberg, Paul Pringle, Deirdre Edgar, the Times, and Tronc. No one should be allowed to get away with what they did.

Exposing the corrupt relationship between the Times and the LAPD, and more generally between the press and the police, and government. In our system, you have to be rich or have (as I do) a public platform in order to get justice. It’s incumbent upon those few Americans who have the chance to fight back to show people what the system is really about: cozy backroom deals by the elites, who are determined to protect their privilege at the expense of the rest of us.

Here is the court filing document, filed Tuesday at LA Superior Court. When we realized that it would take 2-5 business days for GoFundMe to release funds and perhaps an additional full business day for the bond company to issue the bond and get it filed, a very generous friend of a friend stepped forward with a very short-term loan so we could get it filed by today’s deadline. He was certain that this fundraiser would succeed. He had blind faith — in you, in me, that justice would prevail.

He’ll be repaid by early next week, after the GoFundMe money hits my account.



7 thoughts on “You Did It! $75,000 Crowdfunding Effort Succeeds, LA Times Court Bond Filed

  1. I was so happy to read this news this morning. Congratulations!

    I’m wishing for your success all along the way. 🙂

    • As are all of your fans. Most honest comic I’ve seen (a rather low bar, but still, best is best).

      I hope the trial goes well for you. I don’t have much faith in US ‘justice’ after what I’ve seen, but sometimes, and I hope you’re the sometimes.

  2. If the LA Times didn’t have their heads up the Po Po’s ass they would have seen the $300/week they paid you, Ted, as a real bargain compared to the costs they deserve to, and will likely incur for their vicious defamation of you.

    It’s obvious that Ted has a loyal following that helped the LAT bottom line even if they were too dense to realize it when they were getting it for cheap.

    TRONC lost me as a long time subscriber way back when they censored Boondocks by putting up old comics when the editors didn’t like Huey Freeman’s take on the news.

    A free year of the daily Tribune wasn’t enough to get me back as a subscriber after a few exchanges with the responsible editor, who also censored my choice in reading when he censored Aaron McGruder.

  3. Congrats, Ted, on the interim victory.
    Bring it on!

    Thanks to “der lehrer” for managing the crowdfunding drive.

  4. Go Ted!

    I happily contributed to the earlier drive – and fully intend do so again, just as soon as I’ve got a paycheck coming in. (Boomer looking for a hi tech job: can you say “Ageism”? I knew you could…)

  5. I tracked down this thread again in hopes of keeping up-to-date on the proceedings. Alternatively, Ted, you might blog with updates of the goings-on. 🙂