Publication Date: January 19, 2016

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As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders was surrounded by grinding poverty that turned families against each other as they scrimped and saved to pay their bills.

Bernie saw politics as his chance to give a decent life to everyone, not just those born to wealth or the lucky few who hit it big. But the Democratic Party and the country overall were moving to the right.

Bernie joined a tiny independent party from Vermont. He ran for mayor. As a socialist. And won.

Now he’s running for the Democratic nomination for president. Check out his amazing story and what his campaign means to you.

Current Events/Biography, 2015
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  • Crickets, redux.

    Five-plus days of “above-the-fold” and no (other) comments? It seems to me that you just can’t put lipstick on this other white meat.

    How do you say “Zionist Manchurian Candidate” in Yiddish?


    • Crickets are preferable to antisemitism.

      • Okay CH,

        I didn’t know that you are an anti-semite. Anyway, does being “Jewish” automatically make a practitioner of that perverted religious faith a “Semite?” Saddam Hussein was a Semite. Muammar Gaddafi was also a Semite. If I had hated those two motherfuckers because of their politics, would I also be — by default — considered an anti-Semite?

        But according to your brand of shitfull thinking, if I dislike Bernie because he truly believes that Jews have a global religious pass regarding genocide against a more original Semitic brand (that being the non-Jewish Semites of Palestine) because Bernie’s AshkeNAZI counterfeit semitism is superior to the cultually more established Semitism of the Palestinian Arab, How could that possibly Scarlet-Letter me as a wholesale, unrequited anti-Semite?

        What you are CH, is a Zionwhore fraud.


  • All those folks are Semites and so I prefer to use a term like, “anti-Jewish bigotry” or something along those lines. It is true, however, that Judaeo-Christian American elites have cynically elevated the (real) suffering of Jews over and above all other groups for economic and geopolitical reasons. They projected their own complicity in the rise of the Nazis onto the Soviets who are the ones who really did the most to rescue European Jews from the fascist barbarians.

    • And in WWII, it was the Russians who actually broke the back of the German war machine. If any Nazi hardware went to the Eastern Front, it never got a chance to make its way back west. Russia knew how to wage war in a frozen arena. The Germans just froze.


    • Right, except Stalin made a pact with Hitler and purged Jews from his gov’t.

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