My Take on the Paris Attacks

You can check out the full text of my response to yesterday’s ISIS attacks in Paris at Skewed News.

Here’s an excerpt:

            Amid the chaos and horror of this latest spasm of urban terrorism, it is vital to keep two key points in mind:

  1. Asking “Why us?”, as Americans did after 9/11, is stupid. We know why. Anyone who doesn’t know why, and why “us” — Paris, New York, the West — is willfully obtuse.

  2. This is nothing new. We are not/This is not [some new] “war.” After each dramatic terrorist attack, including 9/11, overcaffeinated editorialists claim that Everything Has Changed and so We Had Better Step Up and Kick Terrorist Ass. This is even stupider than asking “Why us?” Terrorism has always been with us and, unless the configuration of power dynamics defined by economic relationships internationally as well as within nations changes radically, it always will be. Paris is the latest manifestation of a cycle of violence.


  • The celebrants of the GWOT who ask “Why us?” demonstrate their pig ignorance.

    Or as befits their selective view of the world in my newly coined neologism, their “pignorance”.

    • These attackers are called terrorists because they use low tech weapons instead of cruise missiles, or bombs delivered by the latest aircraft.

      But, as Donald Rumsfeld stated: ‘You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have’, and so they have learned well by the example of the West’s GWOT inflicted on them.

      And in conformance with Dick Cheney’s 1% solution (one also adopted, de facto, by Obama’s drone attacks) killing 100 is not wrong if there is possibly one enemy among that one hundred.

      The “little people” always bleed in the rich man’s wars.

  • What would happen if some Middle-Eastern state (except Zionland) came over to the US and started drone-killing CPD cops for committing terrorism against Chicago Muslims? Well, our glorious military heroes (at WDC’s ruling terrorist junta) would undoubtedly return the favor, but with super-high-tech weapons. France is also part of a coalition that’s helping America bomb the holy shit out of Syrian “terrorists.” In other words, if a French delivered explosive kills any Syrians, well, them motherfuckers were obviously a terrorists. This way, the collateral-damage meme is completely avoided.

    It’s not that they don’t understand “blowback,” ALL of our “Western” leaders simply don’t give a rat’s ass. They’re going to do what they want anyway, and what we think doesn’t even matter. Furthermore, if you complain too much, you’ll also get false-flagged at least until you surrender to the propaganda meme.

    For things to change will take a global die-off event. Who do you think that our leaders have already set plans in motion to determine who dies off first? Yeah, this is where the homeland gets radically purged.


  • Oh gosh, poor Western culture, that cannot understand that continuous pounding on the “hive” keeps the bees riled up,swarming around, stinging everyone. Plus, now that several countries are pretty well broken hives, many of the bees have no more home (refugees and immigrants). Oh well, stupid is as stupid does, and we’ll all have to live with the consequences of this and a mindset that says stuff like “bomb the shitt out of them”, ceaselessly seek retaliation, and be merciless. Stop and think for a moment. If the analogy of a bees nest is appropriate, then what do we do when we have stirred up a real bees nest and broken their hive in real life?

  • “Why us?” It’s the Russians who are KICKING the ass off of IS. Meanwhile, ain’t it the French who are deciding to recognize Palestine? Zionland is the master of False-Flag, it knows well how to load and deliver its Manchurian(esque) biological weapons delivery systems. It’s been developing those levers for over a century.

    After all, as with the Paris “terrorists,” GZO’s “Palis” are all Muslim suicide bombers … except that a whole lot increasingly remain Christian communities that are also being ethnically cleansed. Greater Israel will only host the elect Jews of Zion and their slaves (so many of whom currently reside in WDC). As predicted in the Talmud, increasingly, the world becomes Palestine.

    Meanwhile, will the French start obeying their Dark Lord Netanyahoo, thereby lessening the terror of their slavery?


  • Aside from all the other side issue tossed around on this blog, the fact remains that we have beat, killed and terrorized a culture that may be described as having a 15th century mindset, where retaliation and revenge are foremost, and the idea of accepting defeat is unacceptable – therefore the analogy of bees, that will swarm around indiscriminately stinging everything within their reach – and with their broken countries/hives, they will swarm to other countries – many as refugees, and begin rebuilding hives there. As far as I know, if these were really bees, we’d have to exterminate most of them to stop the stinging and spread of them – especially to prevent the rebuilding of hives elsewhere.

    • One of the reasons that they’re still stuck in the fifteenth century is that we’ve been invading and killing them them since the twelfth.

      If we’d just back off & let them grow naturally, they’d follow the same path as Europe did.

      • You need to re-read your history. The first Crusade conquered Palestine in the 11th century (the penultimate year, but still the 11th century).

      • oops, I did remember it wrong. But that doesn’t exactly invalidate my point.

    • After WWII, the Islamic world was (kinda’) on the right track. But then, them goddam Iranians did the unforgivable, they foolishly claimed primary ownership of the oil under their nation.

      Back then, Iran was pro-Western. Unfortunately, it also thought that it was equal to the West under international law. The CIA set them Hajis straight with a successful coup-de tat and consequent imperial substitution for its destroyed republic. THAT was really the beginning of ISIS.


  • A word I keep hearing from the RW echo chamber is “appeasement”

    No, appeasement is when the little guy does something to get a big guy to stop beating on him. When the big guy quits beating up on a little guy, it’s called “cessation of hostilities”

  • This latest Paris incident is so contrived and the BS media / social media remonstrating only makes it more obvious that there is much more to this than what appears on the surface. Cui bono, anyone?

  • Mr Rall does not accept, as every patriotic American accepts, that America is the Greatest Force for Good that has ever existed in the entire history of the universe since the Big Bang.

    The US only executes, in full compliance with all applicable laws, evil felons guilty of capital crimes in order to protect the innocent. The Daesh kills the innocent. Everyone killed by the US was an evil terrorist (or at least the roommate of an evil terrorist, and who would be the roommate of an evil terrorist who was not evil? These terrorists include many women and infant terrorists, but if the US of A killed them, they were, a fortiori, capital felons).

    The Daesh only kills innocents because the Daesh are pure evil. Americans killed by the Daesh were all martyrs and patriots.

    How can anyone not see that?

    (OK, I can’t, and so gocomics banned me from ever posting anything there ever again. As well they should have done, since I’m now too blind to post there.)

    • Since most Americans approve of torture and consider themselves to be Patriotic, this joke should be well received:

      An American Patriot is giving his prisoner a rectal feeding.

      The American Patriot asks the Prisoner if he would like some
      coffee after diner.

      The Prisoner says yes.

      Funnel up the ass, the coffee is poured in,
      and the Prisoner screams.

      The American Patriot asks: Is the coffee is too hot?

      The Prisoner screams, NO! TOO SWEET! TOO SWEET!

  • In all the objecting about “islam” … it is *NEVER* shown why “islam” is *not* a religion … “islam” is *ONLY* a political entity (with a military arm). It’s very simple to prove this.

    The “islam” political machine claims that they are from … God’s covenant with Abraham.

    The severe problem here … is that the “koran” rejects all manner of Abraham covenant writings, like the below (for example).

    Much more listed on > > >

    Does God have “prophets” … who are liars against His Abraham covenant writings ?
    > > > No, mohammed is not a prophet
    > > > “islam” is not a religion
    > > > “allah” does not exist … all the killing is in defense of … 100% pure nothingness

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “maryam 19:35” >
    “It is not befitting to (the majesty of) Allah that He should beget a son.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Proverbs 30:4 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “Who hath ascended up into Heaven, and descended? What is the name of *His Son*.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “an nisa 4:157” >
    “That they said (in boast), “We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah. – but they killed him not.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Daniel 9:26 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “Christ shall be *slain*: and the people that shall deny Him shall not be His.”

    – – – – –

    The “koran” in … “ali imran 3:2-3” >
    “Allah. There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Eternal.”

    Catholic Faith (pre-fulfillment) writing of Genesis 18:1-3 (Abraham covenant writing) >
    “And *the Lord* appeared to him in the vale of Mambre … *Three* Men … *Lord*, if I have found favour in thy sight …”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    C A U T I O N: The Catholic Church has had *zero* … physical properties, priests, and bishops since 8 December 1965 … because of the Sources of Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy.

    Mountains of proof >
    Photographic proof >
    (We have to admit … *photographic* proof of heresy *IS* compelling)

    Abjuration of heresy to become Christian >
    (Abjuration takes about 45 minutes)

    • Before you can use one set of superstitious nonsense to disprove another, you first have to prove that one is correct in the first place.

      Good luck with that.

      • So true, Mike44 has spent hour/days/weeks/years sifting through Catholic dogma in order to create a perfect, anti-Muslim catechism. Problem is, Islam still qualifies as a Noahide faith (Noah’s fable did come before Abraham’s).

        FACT remains, Moses, King David, King Solomon, AND Jesus are all just Midrashic fables of moral instruction. The Torah IS NOT history. The “New” Testament is not history. Consequently, since the Koran’s fantasmic provenance of religious authority depends on both of those earlier works of fiction, while it is yet a fairly accurate (and only) history tale of Mohammed, it is also just another faithfully expansive work of religious fiction.

        Before politics was considered secular, it was in fact the exclusive domain of institutional religion.

        Islam is as much a religion as the other Noahide faiths, principally because its followers faithfully believe it to be. The fact is self-fulfilling.


      • I believe that religion played a huge role creating civilization. You can’t get a large group of primitive people to work together by suggesting that if they did so their descendants will have a better life. Telling them that god will get them if they don’t play nice with others can scare them into doing so.

        It also provided explanations for the inexplicable, animals naturally fear what they can’t understand. Even if the explanations were bogus, it allowed them to quit worrying about hurricanes and get on with their lives.

        However, today we can readily see the benefits of working together in large groups, we have scientific explanations for hurricanes and can predict them far better than the shamans ever could.

        Religion is a dangerous anachronism – one only has to observe the behavior of the Abrahamic religions to see just how dangerous they are. They’re busy killing each other over superficial differences in beliefs about the same god