Here are some of my LAPD cartoons for the LA Times

It isn’t hard to imagine why the LAPD (or LAPPL police union) wasn’t crazy about me. Why didn’t it occur to the LA Times bigwigs that that audiotape supplied by the LAPD might not be everything they said it was?


  • WTFFFFFF?! These are actually pretty tame, here I thought you’d been insulting their mother’s pimps or something.

    • Agreed. I never felt free to run wild in the Times. It is a corporate paper, after all. Apparently the police couldn’t take even these gentle jibes.

      • Well, since they’re mostly trained to believe that they’re Koresh’s own chosen, to criticize them FUs even mildly is still considered Satan’s blasphemy.


      • Makes me think of how nasty and personal political cartoons used to be. I suppose the LAPD would have beaten and shot you for something of that caliber. Their little heads would’ve exploded. Frankly, people so thin skinned don’t have much business in the tough field of law enforcement. Incidentally, shouldn’t they be too busy doing their great work protecting the people to have any time for plotting against a cartoonist?

  • The problem: “Be sensitive” — to those boys-in-blue whom you criticize.

    Had you handled them with kid gloves, they might have let you off with a warning.


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