New Reddit Harrassment Policy: What Reddit Knows Best

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Reddit, the “id” of the Internet, announces a new policy against the harassment that made it what it is today. There’s an irony behind the Reddit harrassment policy that won’t be lost on anyone who has ever had to deal with the service.


One thought on “New Reddit Harrassment Policy: What Reddit Knows Best

  1. A number of years ago, I wrote (somewhere) that the Internet Model was fatally flawed in that, in order to have legitimacy (for news sources) a group of editors would have to be involved.

    Real editors. Not foodie1234_Utah_Skier but named people who showed up and did the job every day. People who checked and were skeptical and so forth. Reddit can kick the can down the road if it wants, but eventually all these sites are going to have to bite the bullet: you get what you pay for. If you’re going to weed out the lunatics, you’re gonna have to pay people to be there every day, doing the job.