Seymour Hersh on Bin Ladin Capture: 86-ing “Zero Dark Thirty”

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Seymour Hersh has published a blockbuster expose that asserts that most of the narrative of the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” was wrong. Bin Laden was a prisoner of the ISI since 2006. He never resisted. Seal Team Six was never in danger. The body was never buried at sea, nor were there Muslim rites. Will Kathryn Bigelow remake her film?

bin ladin so much for zero dark thirty

9 thoughts on “Seymour Hersh on Bin Ladin Capture: 86-ing “Zero Dark Thirty”

  1. While BarryHO claims to be half-Negro, he’s also at least half White. Ultimately, ZDT is just his version of smirky’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” Can’t you see it? WHOLESALE, Barry-the-Dronehole-Bomber is every bit a part of Dubya’s (AND Bubba’s, and HW’s) war-crimes paradigm. And Hillary? She apparently wants to team up with these other mass-murdering, family members so they can all do a “Genocider’s” version of “We-are-the-World.”

    When 1%ers get finished with their own version of Human-species reset, Most of the rest of us will be wiped out anyway.


    • And the band will play on, on the deck of a figurative Titanic, as if elections made a difference.

  2. There is no appreciable difference between Robert O’Neill and your friendly neighborhood mafia hit man.

    We *could* have gained back some of the reputation we squandered if we’d only given UBL the basic, human rights we claim to be fighting for. There’s no doubt he would have been found guilty of serious crimes if tried – makes you wonder why we didn’t bother.

  3. 1. 17 Gulf Arabs and two more Arabs had been listening to Saudi khutbas. Anyone who has read John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, knows that people like Perkins have killed millions of Muslims. The Saudi khutbas said that the criminals in the World Trade Center had killed one billion innocent Muslims and MUST be punished for their murders. There is a problem in that: the people in the World Trade Center were not (for the most part) the people who employed John Perkins to kill Muslims. He confessed to killing lots of Indonesian Muslims, but his bosses were NOT in the World Trade Center, or, if they were, they were a tiny minority of the people killed on 9/11/’01.

    2. So, after those (mostly Gulf) Arabs killed almost 3,000 Americans, Bush, jr decided to punish Afghanistan and Iraq, who had nothing to do with 9/11. Hunter Thompson said the US would pick a random country to punish. He was wrong. The US under Bush, jr picked 2 random countries. Obama picked some more. And Obama’s successor will pick even more random countries to pay for 9/11.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration says that ‘enhanced interrogation’ was essential to stopping Osama before he could perpetrate a travesty that would have made 9/11 seem like a minor traffic problem. A patently false statement, but most American voters believe it.

  4. The next 40 years are going to remove the entire political system.

    Global warming is going to destabilize so much, and in such obvious ways, that the politicians are going to be forced to start coming up with answers. Seriously, does anyone here think Hillary, or Bill, or Dubya, or Rubio, can come up with an answer THAT ACTUALLY SOLVES THE PROBLEM? All these shnooks are good for is sound-bites. Their hearts and prayers go out to us. That’s fine when it’s little isolated problems.

    Let’s see how long hearts and prayers go when Boston floods three times in a decade or a tropical storm floods Wall Street and shuts down the subway for four weeks. You think terrorism’s bad now? Wait until whole countries in SE Asia start going under the waves. When Bangladesh floods, you know where all those people are going? India. Right next door. India and Bangladesh have been mutually hostile for decades. You think THAT’s going to work out? And that’s just one spot. At that point, the politicians are going to need to be smart (not sly smart but practical smart).

    Can you imagine Hillary or Bill or Dubya trying to be practical smart? They’ll last 11 seconds.

    • Wait … WALL STREET??!! OMG!!! that’s an EMERGENCY!!! Why doesn’t somebody DO SOMETHING!?

      y’know, Alex – you might have just come up with the right incentive.

    • Trust me. When Cape Cod — and all the “Liberal” gated compounds — go under the waves, you will see Global Warming become an Issue. Quite possibly, CEOs of the polluting companies will end up at The Hague.

      A Kennedy (sobbing quietly): And, uh, the, uh, beachhouse, was, uh, washed away. I had no idear, what was happening. …

  5. On May 11, the New York Times reported that a tinfoil hat wearer had come up with a ridiculous conspiracy theory which had been completely refuted by the White House who had provided the Times with ample evidence that Hersh was just a nut case.

    The same day, the Independent reported that the distinguished Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Hersh had proved the White House version of Osama’s death was a fabrication that sounded like it must have been written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (who wrote all his fiction under the pen-name Carroll).

    On May 12, the Times had a few short articles that, when actually checked, Mr Hersh’s version sounded much more truthful than the official White House version.

    But most Americans prefer the Times May 11 version, that our brave Seals managed with (Democrats)/without (Republicans) Obama’s guidance to take out the world’s worst terrorist, holed up in a multimillion dollar fortress with several heavily armed associates without a single Seal receiving as much as a scratch (in spite of one helicopter crashing). Furthermore, the Seals politely offered to arrest the terrorists, but were forced to kill them when the terrorists opened fire on the Seals. The fact that Hersh proved that version is completely false violates the rule that the official US government version is always the TRVTH, no matter what any facts or evidence might say.