Nike TPP Promise: Ten Thousand to Be Hired If We Just Do It

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Nike promises to hire up to 10,000 people in the United States if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement passes.


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7 thoughts on “Nike TPP Promise: Ten Thousand to Be Hired If We Just Do It

  1. If I tell someone, “I’ll give you up to $10.00 to shine my shoes,” that means there’s no way in hell I’ll pay more.

    Likewise, no way in hell they’ll hire more than 10,000 — right?


    • “Up to” means $10.00 or less.

      Two bits for a shoe shine would be true, and an education for the sucker who believed the con-man.

      • Think about this for a minute. Politicians, who, by definition are supposed to be tough negotiators, take a deal like this? How would YOU negotiate it? I’d do it like this:

        Company A? How many jobs are you offering? And what are the salaries you’ll guarantee? And how long will you guarantee them? When you hit that point where you’ve fulfilled ALL those terms, we’ll give you a tax break FROM that point on. So long as the jobs and the salaries do not drop and continue to match inflation.

        What’s that? Your profit would drop? Boo-fucking-hoo. I guess I won’t have a sweat shop in my state. What a pity. Get outta my office before I have you thrown out.

  2. “Up to” is one of the top weasel phrases/words along with “helps” and “99.99%.”

  3. Carrots, sticks, and plastic vegetables … yeah, they’ll hire ya’ alright, part-time, minimum-wage, in a company-town setting.

    And whole communities will now line up in the tens-of-thousands just for a chance to get fucked in the ass like that.


  4. Sure they will hire new “workers” : Lawyers and accountants
    Lawyers to smash trade barriers and accountants to count and hide the profits

    When lawyers are able to read the trade agreement, they will be in demand because the trade agreement sets up a international trade court (the name is different but the effect is the same). In the court the lawyers will use the terms of the agreement to force the elimination of any law the interferes with trade, in other words if a nation, state or city passes worker and or environmental protection laws that go above the the trade agreement standards it can be eliminated.
    So Nike and other multinational companies will dragging everyone down to the baseline, in the name of profits.