Waves Everywhere

Originally published by The Kernel/The Daily Dot:


2 thoughts on “Waves Everywhere

  1. Your body is transparent to radio waves.

    And your life is transparent to the corpo-state.

    Remember, when you are searching Google, Google is searching you.

  2. You have to distinguish between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

    Blue light is very slightly dangerous, for instance to your retina in large amounts.

    Green light is fine.

    Red light is fine.

    Infrared radiation is fine. A fire in a fireplace, for example. Not scary, is it?

    All the “waves” in this comic have lower energies than the fire in the fireplace. UHF, or “ultra high frequency” TV signals, actually have much much lower frequencies than visible light, or than the heat waves your body is radiating all the time.