EU Antitrust Charges Against Google? NP. Just Buy Europe

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The European Union is about to file antitrust charges against Google, The New York Times reports. If found guilty of abusing its market dominance — Google controls 90 percent of search in Europe — it may have to pay a six billion Euro fine. That’s equivalent to 10 percent of Google’s annual profits.

But the worst thing for Google isn’t the prospective fine, says aNewDomain legal analyst Tom Ewing. It’s that the firm will likely have to substantially change its business practices. The claim against Google is around complaints that Google favors it own products and services, non search-related, when someone in Europe uses Google to search. The complaints came from Microsoft, TripAdvisor, Yelp and others. The EU announcement this week culminates a five-year investigation, during which Google didn’t do enough to satisfy EU complaints.

That’s the whole point of anticompetition law and, likely, the EU antitrust charges against Europe. But here is a possible out for Google: Buy Europe!

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2 thoughts on “EU Antitrust Charges Against Google? NP. Just Buy Europe

  1. Why buy Europe when you can rent it with a few well placed adds.

    Merkel seems to have gotten over her outrage at NSA spying on her.

  2. So “search” is an uncountable noun now.

    Like “solar,” I guess.