Sheryl Sandberg’s Choreplay: Not Too Sexy

Originally published by Breaking Modern:

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, famous for her “Lean In” book and its advice to women to be aggressive in the workplace, is now advising women to institute “choreplay” at home — basically, wives exchanging marital favors in exchange for husbands’ completion of household tasks. Whatever its merits, Choreplay certainly doesn’t sound sexy.

12 thoughts on “Sheryl Sandberg’s Choreplay: Not Too Sexy

  1. The best part of the whole panel? The little “Hot” in the lower-right. Absolutely perfect-pitch comedy-wise.

    Sandberg sounds like a fool. A sad, pitiful fool.

  2. So what if hubby pays a cleaning lady to do the chores? That’s got to be worth a decent sexual favor from wifey.

    Maybe hubby can find a cleaning lady who is willing to take cash in exchange for sexual favors.

    Maybe hubby can give wifey some cash so she can pay far a cleaning lady. Maybe wifey takes the cash for a cleaning lady, does the cleaning herself, and keeps the cash.

    With the commodification of sexual favors, who needs the complications of marriage anyway?

  3. I have such an arrangement with my next-door neighbor, and she’s a helluva lot sexier than my wife!

  4. Actually, I’ve read that many housewives DO consider it “sexy” or at least “enticing” when the gentlemen step up to household chores.

    • Yeah, you would read that since feminists will write anything. “Oh, my god. Watching hubby wash dishes gets me so wet.”

      • The good news is that you’ll never have to worry your little head about those sorts of domestic considerations.

      • Quite right. When I’m ready to have a family, I’ll go to Eastern Europe where women still know both how to be women and how to treat men. My big head will be well taken care of. A man would be ignorant or crazy to start a family in the Anglosphere where his kids are never his own. How can they be if his wife can take them away at any time for any or no reason?

      • I’ve had an equalist cohabitation arrangement before and have no desire to repeat it.

  5. What one would be getting out of this arrangement (if it actually even made sense) would be what one would get from a hooker (negotiated, obligatory sex). Is that really what one wants from a wife?

    The “choreplay” thing is not Sandberg’s creation. Feminists have been pushing it for a long time now. I mean just listen to the pitch: “C’mon guys! Do more housework and get more sex!”

    • It is passive-aggressive, isn’t it?

      This is what I love about being single. I eat over the sink, right out of the container. No dishes!