One Hour a Day Earbud Limit? WHAT?

Originally published by Breaking Modern:

The World Health Organization (WHO) now warns teens and young adults that they are at high risk of hearing loss if they listen to music on headphones more than an hour a day. Buy in open office spaces, headphones are required to keep out distracting noises … including co-workers’ music.


One thought on “One Hour a Day Earbud Limit? WHAT?

  1. World Health Organization? WHO are talking about? Nowadays, it seems that anything that is overdone or done excessively can be detrimental to your health. This was often but never true in the past. In fact, people were sometimes praised for doing things excessively if the results were good. I mean, look at myself. If I hadn’t done what I did, then I wouldn’t be there, would I? I really want to know!