Give a Man $3900 and you feed him for a year

Originally published by The Kernel/The Daily Dot:

Teach a Man to Price Gouge

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  • The 1% play a perpetually dangerous game of brinksmanship. They did so before the Revolution in France. They did the same in Russia, and in China, and Cambodia, and so many other places throughout the world. Problem is however, to protect themselves, unless the current 1% construct a wholly robot army that programmably cannot be sabotaged, that small part of the (genocidally armed) “watcher” population that they subvert (with greed) to protect themselves ultimately will always get possessed by the same cancerous avarice used to overwhelm their own moral sense. the lower 5% will then move to replace the 1%, ad-nauseum.

    Such dramas always end in wholesale self-destruction.