Al Sharpton’s Sellout

NYT: ““We are not here to cause riots; we are here because violence was caused,” Mr. Sharpton said at a rally after the march, adding, “an illegal chokehold is violence.” But, he said, “we are not against the police.””

I am. Against the police, that is.

If you’re for the police, you’re for racism and state oppression. Because that’s what they do.


  • FlemingBalzac
    August 24, 2014 1:16 PM

    All progressives are for state oppression. Which is why Sharpton and others are angling to “fight the power” while leaving the tools of power intact. You can’t dictate everything from sugar intake to personal firearm ownership unless you’ve got the muscle, right? Al won’t jog Comrade (or Massa?) DeBlaisio’s arm while he’s got a progressive agenda to implement.

  • *All progressives are for state oppression.*
    Where do you get THAT????
    I consider myself a Progressive, and my philosophy certainly doesn’t incorporate the Nazi mentality that I have read in the news regarding the militarization of local (and state/federal) police with their abuse of power. The Power should be that of the People.
    So please explain yourself.

    • The above was meant as a Reply to FlemingBalzac – a computer glitch prevented my posting below his comment. 🙁

    • FlemingBalzac
      August 24, 2014 2:10 PM

      “The Power should be that of the People”. Unless they want a firearm for personal protection – in which case they have to ask the state nicely for permission if they’re allowed at all. Unless you want to give your child some chocolate cake to bring in to classmates. Or if you want to allow that child some independence by letting him go down to the park for a little while without hovering (or you have to work). Or maybe you don’t want to purchase health insurance (jailtime was proposed before the penaltax). Who ginned up the hysteria about smoking that killed Garner in the first place – and who is even banning e-cigarettes? Want to buy an incandescent lightbulb? No, says the prog. If you want to kvetch that these are all “little” things then you really get a lot of my point.

      Face it. Whenever a progressive has a vision of paradise it involves force. EIther straight-out force with arrests and fines or indirect force by taxing something to death. Why do you think Cubans risk their lives to leave paradise?

      • Would you please look up the definition of “straw man argument”? Even if I granted that your examples are accurate (which I don’t), it would not mean that Ted’s argument is fallacious, nor that Progressives are supportive of “state oppression.”
        Your original statement has not been supported by your latest contribution or by anything factual.
        Try again.

      • FlemingBalzac
        August 24, 2014 10:49 PM

        Derleher – every example I’ve listed has an example of someone getting fined or arrested (I didn’t think of mentioning cops shutting down kid’s lemonade stands and suchlike because they didn’t have permits or licenses but you can Google that too). The progressive lust to control our lives (and making us pay the associated fees for the privilege) is well documented even outside of Fox News and the RWNJ blogsphere. Just because there are many easy examples doesn’t mean it’s a strawman.

      • @ FlemingBalzac –
        I believe you are missing the point: I contend that those things you’ve mentioned have no connection to “Progressives” and NOT that they don’t exist!
        In addition to that, your “straw man” was constructed to counter the gist of Ted’s article – and thereby failed.

      • FB –

        So, the tofu-slurping hippies use force even though they’re against guns? Huh? Last I checked, the guns nuts and war hawks were on the right. It’s the right who’s always talking about minimum sentencing and capital punishment, and who want the cops outfitted with bigger guns. It’s the right who wants to shoot to kill over minor offenses.

        It’s the conservatives who want to tell you what you can or can’t smoke. The progressives are only telling you that you can’t blow it at other people. (You wanna see someone freak out? Blow a little pot smoke towards a conservo-whacko & watch the fireworks)

        “Control our lives”?? Let’s see, the conservatives want to tell us who we can marry, who we can have sex with, what we can put in our bodies, what superstition to believe, what women can do with their own bodies, etc, etc. So, the progressives want everyone to have affordable health care? Oh, the horrors, that’s just like Hitler would have done!

        Since you mentioned Cuba, I can only assume that you haven’t done your homework. Remember – I challenged you tell us the primary characteristic which distinguishes Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism? If you want to discuss various socioeconomic theories, you’ll first have to convince me that you have a clue as to what they are.

        Given your comments so far, I’m already convinced that you don’t.

      • @ CrazyH –
        Oh, hell!!!
        I could have spelled it out for him as you did, but I wanted to find out if he could THINK!!!
        You did a good job, but do you believe it will soak in???
        I have my doubts. 🙁

      • As an aside, since you mentioned Hitler and health care, I might mention that Germany’s system dates back to Otto von Bismarck’s social legislation and is the world’s oldest (1883). It’s about time for the U.S. to catch up.

      • FlemingBalzac
        August 25, 2014 1:03 PM

        So, when your Democratic representative in your state legislature wants to make low-income people pay through the nose for a license to braid hair, that’s the teabaggers pulling the strings?

        Here’s a link about a young entrepreneur and the tender mercies of the progressive politicians she encountered. And there are plenty more.

        As for the rest, the answer is pretty easy to find. Look at any story about something being banned over highly unlikely scenarios and you’ll find a progressive democrat when you don’t find a teathuglikkan. They’re socialists – socialism is about the elimination of individuality and disposing of individuals to serve the collective need.

      • derlehrer –

        This is an old hobby of mine. I hear conservo-whackos talking about communism all the time, yet I haven’t found a single one of ’em who actually knows what it is.

        If you grow up north of the border, you’re indoctrinated to hate commies at every turn. Before terrorists, the bad guys on every TV show and movie were always commies.

        “Godless communism”, “evil empire”, “better dead than red” on & on … yet somehow in all that indoctrination, no one ever tells you precisely what it is that’s so terrible.

        If folks like FlamingBallsac were capable of independent thought, they’d quickly realize that someone was lying to them. The next step would be to figure out who, and then proceed on to why

      • FB – Still vague on what socialism is, I see.

        The girl in question was shut down by the health department for violating the law.

        The body of law in question being that horrible left wing idea that those who sell food to the public should wash their hands when using the restroom, not store rat poison over the stove, refrigerate meats, etc.

        I know, if the rigties had their way, there wouldn’t be any gubbmint regulations about such things. Who cares if a few people die from food poisoning, the important thing is to maximize profits for the 1%.

      • @ FlemingBalzac –
        I must be suffering from senility, because I’ve forgotten how your link – as well as the number of incidents you listed previously – are connected to Progressives. Forgive me and give me the details once again. (I’ll copy & paste them to my personal files.)

      • @ CrazyH –
        “The girl in question was shut down by the health department for violating the law.”
        And that girl actually said that the authorities were just doing their job; she wasn’t as upset as the Troll appears to be (or pretends to be).

      • “Before terrorists, the bad guys on every TV show and movie were always commies.”
        I remember watching “I Led Three Lives” during the McCarthy era. It was great fantasy!

      • Hey, Fleming – did you see this article?

        Seems those dirty, rotten, libs, shut down a slaughterhouse just because some poor little millionaire was selling cancerous meat. Right there, they’re stifling innovation and making Job Creators cry. He’ll probably have to move to liberal stronghold like “Communist” China where they don’t care if a few insignificant peasants die from tainted food so long as there’s a dollar* to be made.


  • A just society would still need something much like a policeman.

    I don’t know, I just can’t hate cops. Most of the ones I’ve interacted with were decent people. I’ve met at least one who really did get into that line of work because he wanted to help people. He was about the most exhausted guy I ever met, not just a cop but moonlighting to put his daughter through college and studying to be a nurse (he’d found too much of policewomen was not about helping people). He worked at the mall where I did and would take me to drop night deposits so I always gave him a double espresso on the house.

    • And in the 1970’s I left police work after just six months because I found that most of them wee turds.

      • Typo: “were”
        Then again, maybe things have changed since then – but I doubt the change was for the better.

      • Oh, I dunno – from my perspective a lot of cops are “wee turds”

        Cops are made out of people. Some good, some bad. Unfortunately, our current system pretty much guarantees that you get a higher proportion of bad ones than in the general populace.

  • “The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder”.–Richard J. Daley

  • alex_the_tired
    August 25, 2014 11:18 AM

    Concerning the “progressives are out to control us” thing.

    My observation (in broad strokes) is this:

    Conservatives want to control the individual and liberate the corporation.

    Progressives want to control the corporation and liberate the individuals.

    (Democrats want whatever they’re told to want, as long as it’s okay with everyone. Unless that’s asking for too much, in which case, they’re willing to change — unless changing would upset people.)

    PRETTY MUCH, the biggest problem is that everyone talks a good game, but when push comes to shove, it’s always time to play one of two cards: “Excuses” or “You just don’t unnerstand, see.” because pretty much no one is willing to accept that their practice of “equity” is out of whack.

    Example: The minimum wage is criminal. It simply isn’t enough to live on unless you’re a teenager or have a particularly lucky set of circumstances to subsidize you. Lots of liberal [sic] magazines crusade against it. How much does “The Nation” pay its interns and entry-level staffers? And how much does Katrina vanden Heuvel who runs The Nation make?

    You have to answer WITHOUT invokes “excuses” or “you just don’t unnerstand, see.” The same applies to pretty much ALL the progressive [sic] publications. The people at the top are pulling in a very good salary, and the ones at the bottom make either nothing or so-close-to-nothing that it doesn’t really matter debating the difference. And that situation has been going on for decades.

    And before the other side starts crowing too much. Yeah, you guys, too, why are your CEOs making millions and your entry-level workers are on food stamps? No “excuses” or “you just don’t unnerstand, see” allowed.

  • You do remember that the cops are part of the working class, right? If everybody who takes a job that helps uphold the current system is condemned, then the revolution will be only of the unemployed.

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