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Pando Daily, a web publication that offers technology news, analysis, and commentary, with a focus on Silicon Valley, has hired me as a full-time staff cartoonist and writer.

I will be drawing editorial cartoons, spot illustrations and comix journalism, as well as writing both short-form as well as feature-length commentary and journalism about politics, tech and the intersection between politics and tech — in other words, tech as politics. Whatever feels smart and right; we’ll do it.

This is exciting.

Having witnessed the disintegration of print media since before there was an Internet, mostly due to terrible management decisions, I’m thrilled to join a news organization that is forward-looking, gutsy and smart. It says a lot about Pando’s understanding of the value of visual media that, while newspapers and magazines fire cartoonists, they’re hiring them. This will be first full-time job as a cartoonist, and I couldn’t be happier.

Editorial cartooning has been dying/getting killed, so my hiring — coupled with that of Matt Bors at Medium last year — points the way to a possible way out of the print newspaper trap. Lots of websites that can obviously afford to hire writers — Salon, Slate, HuffPo, etc. — can easily afford to take on cartoonists…and they should, because cartoons are popular online, and provide a type of commentary no other medium can replicate.

All you have to do to see that this is a good fit is to spend a few minutes reading stories at Pando. They do what I care about: go after the truth, and kick ass.

If you’re a fan of my syndicated political cartoons and columns, don’t worry — those will go on. I will also continue my cartoons and blog for The Los Angeles Times. I will continue to work on new book projects, including international conflict reporting.

Thanks for supporting me and my work.

12 thoughts on “Pando Daily Has Hired Me

  1. Congratulations Ted! Well earned. Pando is smart to hire you, considering your multiple talents. I hope your role there can grow with the organization for years to come.

  2. Very nice, Ted. Congratulations.

    Cue Patty’s line to Selma: “I’m dying of jealousy.”
    And Selma’s response: “Thank you.”

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  4. Congratulations! (to you & Pando both, they’re getting a good deal as well.)

  5. Congratulations, Ted.

    Cartoons are an absolute necessity for communication and have been since man started drawing on cave walls. Nothing tells a story like a cartoon and no one tells them like you.

  6. Wonderful news. I’ve thought a publication with both you and Mark Ames on staff would be a good match.

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