This week’s cartoon for should not be mistaken for an endorsement

Rand Paul is suing Obama and the NSA. Why is corporate media intentionally missing the point?

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3 thoughts on “This week’s cartoon for should not be mistaken for an endorsement

  1. Glorious. I know this is about ‘serious’ news, but it makes me think it has been obvious to me for some time that for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, any gay news trumps anything else. Whether Sochi or Rand Paul. Yeah, Rand Paul seems like kind of an ill-informed jackass sometimes, but overall, on important issues, he far outclasses Obama. Even when there are any number of big stories on war or the NSA, etc., it’s always gay this, gay that. Well, they know their audience. I can’t tell if they are getting lazier with jokes or if I’m just opening my eyes more. So many cheap shots at China for pollution or Russia for shirtless Putin. It’s like they aren’t even trying. It is an odd feeling for me: having once agreed with almost everything on those shows, now realizing I disagree a majority of the time. Jon comes off as a well-meaning goof, unable to get to the meat of the problems of our day; Stephen as a self-congratulatory liberal cliche.

  2. Can’t say I’m a supporter of the Pauls, but if they are the only people bringing important issues to public attention, the rest of the political calls can’t justify their existence to me.

    Like Studs Terkel said: If the Communist Party is against cancer that doesn’t mean I have to be for it.

    • Ron comes off as much more sensible and genuine than Rand. He’s talked the talk and walked the walk a long time. He is wrong on only a few things. I love when he said at the GOP primary debate that the one word that described him was “consistent.” You know what you’re getting with him. Serious knowledge and consideration of the issues. Ron isn’t out for cheap shots and theatrics, though Rand sometimes seems to be.