Guest Post: Bravo, Rush!

Susan here. Rush Limbaugh has recently come out as against war on Syria, stating that the “damning” chemical weapons incident was staged by the so-called “rebels”. This is true, and I hope radical truth-telling on Rush’s part becomes a pattern in the future.

I’m not holding my breath, though.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Bravo, Rush!

  1. Rush only speaks the truth inadvertently: only when he thinks it is a lie.

    The Democrats are trying to move into Republican territory, showing their corporate masters that they are just as adept at lying–credibly–as their compatriot party is.

    The competition is on. This is the Super Bowl of playing the American public for dupes

  2. Rush may be inadvertantly right. Most of the American public are knee-jerk reactive rubes – Bill Maher constantly espouses this, and I think he’s right. What about the idea of taking care of our problems within our own country first, rather than trying to constantly control or police other countries? Look at how poorly the US treats its veterans and poor, and how many people are in our US prisons ( the highest percentage of population in the entire world ).