HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS CARTOON: The Decline and Fall of Great Powers

This cartoon is for The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Experts say there’s absolutely no way anyone can scrape up the $1 billion it would cost to fix the endemic congestion of traffic on Interstate 83 outside Harrisburg. Yet there’s always money for wars.

The Decline and Fall of Great Empires

7 thoughts on “HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS CARTOON: The Decline and Fall of Great Powers

  1. Ted,

    You really should make some of these panels available on coffee mugs. I’d love a coffee mug with panel 3.

    • Alex, I will take it under advisement. I definitely need to do some more merchandising. Unfortunately, the sales are often way too low – at least for me – to justify printing a lot of stuff.

  2. Good cartoon. Good point.

    The other big area where there is no limit to how much we are willing to borrow, is Law Enforcement and Corrections.

    We don’t have a dime to give a poor kid for anything, but if he so much as looks at a cop, fuggedaboutit, we’ll borrow 40K a year to lock his ass up.

  3. alex_the_tired – why don’t you simply download the image, take it to a place that makes custom T-shirts, caps and mugs and have it done yourself? Why ask Ted to do this for you? Oh, that’s right, you’re simply too tired to make the effort yourself…