Guest Blogger: The Lowdown on Thatcher

Susan here. Now that the Margaret Thatcher funeral celebrations are winding down, I think it best to present a passionate disection of her character by someone who has fought her for 40 years:

Please watch the entire episode before commenting. It’ll be worth the time spent.

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  • alex_the_tired
    April 18, 2013 1:57 PM

    It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t wandering around like a lobotomy victim. My God, she took milk from children. I guess the candy from babies seemed a little too trite.

    Funny thing. Watch the video and try to image Diane Sawyer being outraged. You can’t, can you? She is so stunningly … numb and limp and matte on the news, trying to appear neutral and just failing, failing, failing. Keith Olbermann came close to the whole “I’m so angry and shocked” thing, but he always seemed like he was about to say, “Wait, wait. Let me try that again. I think I can get a better sound of outrage on that last bit.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have some newscasters who were capable of feeling disgust?

    And thanks, Susan. This was a gem.

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