MSNBC Blog: Since When is $250,000 “Middle Class”?

This week’s column for MSNBC is about the media meme that $250,000 a year makes you “middle class.”

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2 thoughts on “MSNBC Blog: Since When is $250,000 “Middle Class”?

  1. Op-eds on what constitutes middle class? Customer service? Riveting stuff.

    What happened to “Occupy will re-assemble once the snow melts and THEN you’re gonna see some revolutionizing!!! There may not even be an election!!”

    Yeah, you can just smell the revolution.

    I knew I was right about the clay feet of Occupy, but I never thought I’d be this right. I await next week’s op-ed on Mitt Romney’s Bain Mormon something or other …. hopey changey …. etc ….

  2. That sort of $250,000 middle-class meme has been out there for two decades. No wonder MSNBC’s all over it. Back in the late 1980s, in one of my classes, the discussion shifted to the portrayal of black families on television. The example given was the Huxtable family from The Cosby Show. Cliff, a pediatrician in New York, and Claire, a lawyer, with their five children. They lived in a beautiful home, the children had their own bedrooms. One plot revolved around Claire going to an auction to (successfully) bid on a painting that had particular importance to her.

    This, the teacher told us, was a middle-class family.

    Right …….