Funniest Obama Quote Ever

“We hate war. When we fight, we do so to protect ourselves because it’s necessary.”


  • As Mr Rall wrote a few blogs ago, the US press is now Pravda. ‘100% true’ is the English translation of the Russian word Pravda. So Vietnam might have been a mistake, but Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan sent their armies to destroy the World Trade Center and kill 3,000 Americans, so those were and are all wars of necessity, not of choice.

    Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan were not responsible, it was mostly Saudis and Emiratis? What kind of anti-American terrorist propaganda have you been reading? The Saudi and the Emirates are America’s BFF. And the Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistanis have all confessed. And since their confessions were obtained under ‘enhanced interrogation’ (which US law says it can NEVER be called ‘torture’) we know those confessions are all TRVE.


    Obama now has a Top Secret list of those the US military are ordered to kill (According to the NY Pravda). Some are teen-age girls, but they are still guilty, and the American people had better give Obama full credit when he orders that they be killed by drones.


    Mr Rall’s position is hopeless. The overwhelming majority of those who dislike Obama say that, fortunately for the US, the Joint Chiefs of Staff knew Obama was a Kenyan and his election was invalid, so they rejected Obama as Commander in Chief, and so disobeyed his direct order not to kill his friend and fellow socialist Islamic terrorist Osama. According to the right-wingnuts, the Joint Chiefs said, ‘We took an oath to protect the US, so we must disregard your order not to kill Osama and follow Mitt Romney’s order to take him out.’

    So the Obamabot position is that Obama is killing America’s enemies with much less loss of American life than Bush, Jr.

    The right-wingnut position is that the US military has rejected Obama as chief of staff, and is killing America’s enemies in direct defiance of Obama’s explicit order not to kill them.

    And the Ted Rall position that America should not be killing Pakistani and Afghani goatherds for no discernible reason other than to profit the US military contractors is rejected by the overwhelming majority of US voters.

    And Mr Rall thinks he knows better than the US voters: that’s an unacceptably elitist position.

  • Ted! Obama said that Afghanistan was the good war and Iraq was the bad war. Don’t you believe him? The Afghans had to be a serious threat to the US! They had the capability of throwing rocks, and one might cross the ocean.

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