Kickstarter Project Going Down In Flames

My Kickstarter book project is going down in flames.

With four days left, it is less than one-quarter funded. Please help spread the word!

It probably didn’t help that Kickstarter never ran the project on its front page.

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  • @Ted: again, I stipulate that the issue is that this donation drive existed for too short a time. You seem to steadily be getting pledges just not at the rate necessary to make your own self imposed deadline. Push it back, way back. If you have to wait 3/4 a year to get the money for it, well that sucks but it is still better late then never.

    Goodness knows I and many other will keep throwing money into this every time we get paid, but we can’t just each drop $3000+ immediately without starving off other good causes that we donate to regularly. I’ll gladly throw a few hundred at this each time I get paid, but if I were to go above that I am going to have to call up places like Amnesty International and tell them “sorry, you are going to have to let more people die forgotten in oppression for a couple months because Ted Rall wants to write a book and is too impatient to wait a realistic amount of time to raise the funds to do so.” I do want this book to succeed, I am excited about it, and I am sure it will be excellent, but I am afraid I won’t be doing that, and neither will many of your other well wishing donors who are likely in similar situations. Just push the fund raising deadline WAY WAY back and take the time to advertise it more far afield of this blog.

    Frustrating and lame sure, but that is how this can hope to get done else it won’t get done at all much to all our disappointment.

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