Los Angeles Times Cartoon: Making Excuses for Killer Cops

I draw cartoons for The Los Angeles Times about issues related to California and the Southland (metro Los Angeles).

This week: A majority of the five-member Police Commission concludes that a detective who said he shot and killed a man last year was not believable. The chief determined that the shooting was within department policy.

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  • exkiodexian
    May 9, 2012 3:35 PM

    Cops are dirty to the core. All of them. They’ll defend each other no matter the incident, no matter the facts, no matter how much they have to lie. Even video evidence of cops breaking the law or using excessive force is sufficient to get them to tell the truth and accept the consequences. I’ve seen video of cops beating handcuffed suspects who were completely defenseless. No matter. The department just issues propaganda, such as “officer Dirty Pig’s behavior was within department policy.”

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