Obama’s Argument for Reelection

He didn’t do dick about foreclosures. He barely tried to stimulate the economy. His healthcare plan is shit. On human rights he’s worse than Bush, who wouldn’t have dared argue in favor of assassinating innocent U.S. citizens.

But fear not: the Dipshit-in-Chief has what Democrats think will be a potent argument to get liberals to turn out this fall: if Romney gets in, the Supreme Court will get even worse.

Which is hard to imagine. This, after all, is a Supreme Court that just legalized finger-rape by cop and strip-searching for any and all citizens arrested for any reason whatsoever. What will Romney’s right-wing SCOTUS do, approve finger-rape by a 6-3 majority instead of 5-4?

Still, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of American voters (c.f., 2004).

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Argument for Reelection

  1. Hardly anyone seems to have taken notice of the fact that it was Obama’s DOJ pleading to SCOTUS in favor for the strip search ruling.

    Excellent tweet on this:

    “Strip search ruling means reelect Obama!” is like the Dem’s version of “Gov’t hands off my medicare!” — they just don’t know it.

  2. “His healthcare plan is shit.”

    Thank you. I’ve read tens of thousands of words, and your description is the best.

    And goddammit, I’m tired of hearing “liberals” defend the mandate. For fuck’s sake I hope the S.C. knocks that shitty mandate out of existence.

  3. Yeah, it’s the Obamabot defense (aka, the Whimsical defense) right one cue. Get ready for a constant stream of “Obama’s not been perfect, but if you vote in Republicans they WILL destroy the entire nation!! And then you’ll be to blame, so you better vote Democrat. Lesser of two evils, you know”. It’s pathetic. Sickening and pathetic, whimsical even.

    I wrote about the dangerous fawning of Obamabots on DailyKos in 2009, and they banned me from the site. Virtually everything I wrote about in that post has come to pass, and here we are right on cue. The scaremongering is the only play.

    It’s sad that people don’t use this moment to realize that pols don’t run the country, unelectable elites do. In the end, the public simply doesn’t care. They don’t care how bad they get fucked as long as they can watch NASCAR, porn, and swill down a 12-pack of beer every day. So, you know what? Fuck ’em. I personally couldn’t care less. As a matter of fact, when I read about layoffs, strip searches, abuses of power, massive bailouts, taxpayer subsidies of the richest corporations, constant deterring of democracy, endless war, endless fear, lies and corruption in the extreme – I say “good”. Good. Good. Good. Let the American public get ass-fucked with gravel until the boot is permanently down on their heads. I’m tired of trying to give a shit about a populace that doesn’t give a shit about anything worth preserving anyway.

  4. @Ted

    “What will Romney’s right-wing SCOTUS do, approve finger-rape by a 6-3 majority instead of 5-4?”

    Why find out? I mean, given that even you would have to admit that there is ZERO chance they will be LESS toxic then the current partisian court, why take that chance? Honest question.

    As for “finger rape”, I’d like you to back that claim up please. Make no mistake, the decision is a disaster and an embarassment, and just another nail in the coffin of the claim that the SC is in any way legitimate or impartial- but as far as I can tell from the decision, it only legalizes looking, not touching.

  5. And there it is Ted, the Whimsical response – right on time.

    Let’s look at the Whimsical/Obamabot response in some detail:

    “There is ZERO chance they will be LESS toxic then the current partisan court, why take that chance? Honest question.”

    No, not an honest question. A complete DNC Obamabot cheerleading ditribe. “Obama’s not perfect, but if you don’t vote for him again then REAL problems will happen!! You should be scared to death of anyone but Obama being re-elected! Be very scared! Let’s not take that chance!”

    “As far as I can tell from the decision, it only legalizes looking, not touching.”

    More standard Whimsical/Obamabot fare. “Obama didn’t really extend the wars, he’s just using drones to kill – not real live troops. I mean, that’s basically like playing video games! Let’s have perspective here, because he’s not the evil Bush after all.”

    Again, same deal. More Whimsical translated: “The SCOTUS (backed by POTUS) decision isn’t THAAAAAT bad. They can spread your cheeks and take a look (and a sniff), but they can’t insert their finger and dig around. I mean, stop making it out to be so bad, and get on board! If Obama isn’t re-elected, then it might very well be finger rape and then things will be REAALLLLLY bad! Evil Republicans you know. Don’t take that chance!”

    This would all be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. If you want to know who the real problem is in this country, it’s the Whimsicals. I’m serious. THEY are the enemy. THEY are the enablers. THEY are the ones who continue the slide down the slippery slope we’re on, blathering on about Democrats this and Republicans that – the whole way down.

    You want real progress on the left? Get rid of the Whimsicals. They are the problem.

  6. And right on cue, here comes the right wing plant attempting to distract from the discussion. Although he more or less refrained from personal attacks this time, which is a step up for him.

    Still, his attitude tells you everything you need to know about why the Democratic party (and consequently the country) has shifted so far right over the past 30 years. He is everything he claims he hates- enabler, defender, the one shoving us down the slipepry slope we’re on (so his right wing paymasters can complete their ultimate goal- the destruction of this country.)

    You want to bring this country back to the left? Stop listening to people who are aiding and abetting the right wing with their attitude, and start listening to those of us with real, workable solutions.

  7. I am sick of the “lesser of two evils” argument that Democratic apologists have used for decades. Who says they are the lesser of two evils? I suspect that Romney would not be as bad a Obama. Previous Republican presidents were assholes but not as bad as we feared and the Democrats have been disasters. It took Slick Willie to really get serious about destroying the middle class with NAFTA. It wasn’t Reagan and Bush I who started the war on OSHA and the EPA, it was Slick Willie. The complete attack on the Bill of Rights took our first black President, and if he is reelected then he will have zero reason to placate his base at all (not that he has done much more than piss on the liberal base of the party, but they seem to be into golden showers from what I see).

    As far as the argument that most Amerikans deserve all the shit they will be getting due to their acquiescence over the years to the domination of the Corporate State, I tend to agree. The average dolt will continue to support the goobermint no matter what because they will be shitting in their pants in fear of the big bad “terrorists.” Loss of rights? Loss of jobs, of homes? Police state measures? Concentration camps? Oh well.

    But there is good news – fascism will destroy this country, maybe in a few years or maybe it will take a couple decades, but sooner or later it will be over and the rest of the world will be safe from our drones and our covert operations and our endless wars.

  8. I find it very interesting how Americans love talking about presidential elections as if it makes an iota of difference. I find it interesting because Canadian leaders are trying to run Canada down the same road – but without the security of the corporate inner sanctum marionette network you all acknowledge you have but choose to ignore in favor of red and blue.

    And now, Ted, you declare Obama is worse on human rights than Bush?

    Really? He’s not perfect – none are – but I’m disappointed by you on this one. Sorry.

    But don’t worry; If you need to have a contest over which president is the worst war criminal you have more to worry about.

  9. Look at the upside: with people in the murky depths of desperation, this “…or things will get worse” scam by liberals is tempting fate. (Let’s call it the Social Justice Blue-Balls strategy, a dry hump for the democracy-hungry.) Of course, Obama and the USG are applying the finishing touches to a punitive, medieval framework for policing dissent. There’s no space between, so let’s start thinking about what happens when they don’t listen to reason and events escalate.

    As for co-opting the political energy that will get us out of this mess, here’s a fun trope seen on an Occupy site:
    To light a candle, ask a liberal.
    To start a fire, call a radical.