Help Wanted: Web Designer

I am looking for an experienced, ambitious and brilliant web designer to become a full partner on a start-up business venture.

You must be extremely energetic, self-motivated, have a strong sense of graphic design and aesthetics as well as intuitive sense of how people interact with the Internet. You should be a voracious consumer of news in all formats and media. You will be responsible for designing a game-changing Big Idea website, maintaining it and growing it into the foreseeable future.

You will be working directly with me. Also joining our team will be brilliant out-of-the-box thinkers from the world of journalism, cartooning, politics and the arts. We will all (yes, including me) be working gratis as full equity partners, with a view toward being able to paying ourselves salaries in the not-distant future. If I could pay you, I would. But I’m broke. The fact that I’m broke led to me to begin pursuing this new idea.

Since there will be no money for many months, this would be perfect for someone who is unemployed and looking to do something new and exciting. If we pull this off, we may literally change…everything. If not, well, it will have been fun. And interesting.

Commitment is not short-term. We’re only looking for someone ready to kick ass for at least a year. Mostly for no or little cash.

So anyway, if this sounds like you, please get in touch. A resume and portfolio would of course be useful. Left-wing politics helpful but not required.

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