Highly Recommended: Rip Haywire Book

When I was an executive at United Media I signed Dan Thompson’s awesome adventure-comic parody strip “Rip Haywire.” I also helped Dan develop the characters, design, and initial story arcs. Anyway, it was one of my favorite strips there and Dan has continued on with what ought to have been the biggest strip since Dilbert—alas, newspaper editors are not making good decisions.

So anyway there’s a book! Which you should buy:

The Adventure Comic Strip is Back — With a Twist — in “Rip Haywire.”

Rip Haywire is a soldier of fortune, a brave, square-jawed man of honor who lives for danger. Accompanied on adventures of chance by his cowardly dog TNT and his venomous ex-girlfriend Cobra, Rip tracks down lost treasure, takes down madmen and takes on any job that promises heart-pounding action, peril and intrigue! And, of course humor.

Now available in a book is Rip’s first year of adventures!

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