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Susan Stark


  • Go Wisconsin Teachers!

    State Employees of Wisconsin Unite!
    You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Migraines!

    Nothing less should be expected from the wonderful (and I mean this sincerely) state that helped launch the new left in the early 1960’s.

  • I like the fact of the WI Democrats going AWOL. I haven’t seen that kind of backbone from Democrats in a long time, if ever. Granted, they stand to lose campaign money if the unions go under, but at least now they know which side their bread is buttered on.

  • Is there anyway somebody about a hundred miles west of Detroit, inside Canada can help?

  • Sry, A hundred miles East of Detroit, inside Canada 🙂

  • It’s interesting to notice that as private sector unions and the Mob that controlled and profited from them declined during the past 40 years in the USA, public sector unions blossomed and took on a very important roll in politics. Two observations regarding them:
    1. No need for Mob support, since they already work with the largest gang of organized criminals around;
    2. Isn’t the gubmint supposed to be a benevolent employer and a protector of the people, unlike those evil private employers? What’s the point of a public servant’s union?

    It’s also interesting to notice that, as the power of police unions grew, the number one concern of police departments across the country is “officer safety”, mundane civilians safety and civil libertis be damned.

  • Mob control might definitely be a reason for union membership decline. And no, the gubmint is not necessarily a power of benevolence.

    In regards to police and correctional officers’ so-called “unions”, bucephalus. Any sort of profession which severely restricts others’ freedom should never, ever have a union. Especially prison guards so-called “union”. They actively lobby for more prisons, thus incarcerating more and more people.

  • Also, it doesn’t hurt to notice that the Egyptians were fighting for the right not to be beaten up, shaken up and harassed by police in various ways, while the tax-feeders in Wisconsin are fighting for much more trifle stuff.

  • Meant “shaken down.”

  • Bucephalus,

    So you think the Egyptians are MERELY fighting for the right not to be beaten up or harassed?

    Wow. You really do need to go back and look at the situation again. There is a lot of expressed solidarity between Egyptian and Wisconsin workers.

  • Susan, not merely: freedom of movement, of free association, of expression are fundamental rights to me, that no government may take away. The Egyptians, and now the Lybians, are exercising those freedoms to their great, logical extreme: governments should fear the people, not the contrary.
    I’m pretty sure most Egyptians, if polled, would say they’d like free healthcare, free housing, free broadband access (which are all nice things to have, but not fundamental rights in my view). But I doubt they’d trade another Mubarak for all those niceties.