Grab ‘n’ Feel

The big topic the week seems to be airport security. Millions of white, middle- and upper-middle-class people are now experiencing what until now was experienced by mainly young men of color–arbitrary pat downs and searches.

This is mostly academic to people such as myself. I haven’t had the money to fly since 2006.

But it should be obvious to people what would be most effective in this situation: Boycott the airlines until the nonsense stops. People’s voices and votes may not be worth much these days, but the “dollar votes” are still heard loud and clear by those in power. Vote with your dollars.

But of course, I know you won’t listen. You never do. You’re gonna keep flying, and you’re gonna stand in line at 4am this Friday morning to buy crap shipped in from China.

Get a clue. Please.

Susan out.

7 thoughts on “Grab ‘n’ Feel

  1. I regret that you have to interject racial innuendo into what should be a no-brainer issue for everybody who treasures liberty. Besides, I’m pretty sure lote of non-white people want to fly to meet their folks ruis weekend.
    Other than that, I agree with you: boycotting is the way to go. Once their revenue starts dwindling, the airlines will probably feel the pressure to grow a spine and stand up to federal groping of their customers.
    What’s interesting is that the so-called liberal media (NYT, MSNBC) are already taking the side of the TSA. And the neocons, conveniently, are joining the anti-TSA chorus, as if they weren’t responsible for its birth in the first place

  2. Susan, don’t you know racism is CAUSED by people like you complaining about it?!


  3. How is Susan racist for pointing out the obvious? In NYC for example, the police spend most of their time stopping and frisking black and Latino males – often with no probable cause.

  4. the real problem here is spirited entrepreneurship. The only reason these machines are being installed is because someone is making a handsome profit off of it.

  5. Correction, Angelo: someone with a lot of political influence in the current and last administration. There’s no “entreneurship” needed there, my friend.

  6. Bricer, there’s no denying that the NYPD (or most American police departments) target black males, but what does that have to do with people’s right to feel indignant about the current TSA shenanigans?

  7. Libs have been complaining about the ever more invasive airport “security” for years. Why does it get this much press only when the tea party types finally notice the problem?