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Crazy right-wing bloggers are going nuts due to my appearance on MSNBC yesterday. They think anger belongs to them. Well, think again. Or think for once.

I wonder what all my new rightie teases here at the will make of my take on Obama. It’ll probably make their heads explode.

Here’s the clip:


  • Yeah, nice clip. Ain’t gonna happen though Ted. Two reasons:

    1. As I’ve already posted here, Americans are not willing to make the severe sacrifices to enact real change. They’d rather be serfs on the plantation than living at Guantanamo. Serfs on the plantation today get cable TV, plenty of sports, online porn, and nice greasy burgers. Not so bad for a serf. Better than prison or death. Even the bottom of the barrell in the US has all the amenities.

    2. You’ve done a good job with your book, but the fact still remains: Someone has to be on the front lines. Someone is going to get their head bashed in by the cops. Someone is going to get shot by a Guardsman or Xe employee. Someone is going to Guatnamo (that’s a guarantee in this climate). No one is going to take that chance. No one! Know why? Because no one will have their back. What’s the point of making a sacrifice when no one will have your back. It would all be for nothing, and Americans know that. Shit – where I work, we just lost one of the best managers I’ve ever had. He was fired for standing his ground. Did any of his team members have his back? Fuck no! Too much money at stake. Too many bennies! Ain’t gonna sacrifice a job to do the right thing!! That’s a job, you think Americans will do that in everyday life?!? LOL!!!

    Ain’t gonna happen Ted. Nice book. Ain’t gonna happen. Not now. Not ever.

  • well, it sure won’t happen with that attitude! but there are some of us who will have their back. and plenty more the worse things get.

  • It’s very depressing. Early in the ‘Anti-American Manifesto book tour’ (which I can’t get here), Mr. Rall tried to give a radio interview, but every caller was a Truther. Finally, Mr. Rall said, ‘Even if you Truthers found the hidden planes, no one would rise up against the administration.’

    So someone asked, ‘Then HOW can people be persuaded to rise up against the administration?’

    ‘Buy my book.’


    If finding the planes the government said were involved in 9/11, proving that the planes the government said caused 9/11 were a hoax, is not going to start a revolution, what in your book could possibly start a revolution???

    As we say in the military,


  • pork – I wish it would happen. It won’t.

  • well boys and girls all this talk about violence by lefties is laughable. you city dwellers need to experience some fresh country air and realize that if you took on the heartland you would get a good old fashioned beating. as for mr. rall, you dont look much like the type of person who has ever taken a punch. tell ya what….when you can take a punch, or shoot for that matter, give us a call and we will talk. till then you are a joke

  • Ted… I usually love your work… I consider your work among the best of any cartoonist around.

    I will, however, take issue with your almost cavalier attitude towards violence as a political solution. I’m not taking issue with the fact that is WOULD change things.. .but there’s no guarantee that it will change for the better. This is the type of political climate that could easily spiral out of control. I’m not saying we should just lie down and sing Kumbaya… I AM saying that there are too many other ways to improve our country that to invoke violence as a method is irresponsible.

    The fact that I’m a new father of a four-month old little girl might be playing a part in my appeal to you. I just don’t want to spend the first years of her life having to act like a father in Afghanistan or Iraq… dodging bullets and constantly fearing for my daughter’s safety.

    • If you read my book, you’ll see that I am anything but cavalier about the risks involved or the complete undesirability of violence of any kind. However, the system is so violent that those who oppose it are foolish to tie one hand behind their backs. If real change can be achieved non-violently, awesome. That is always preferable. But it has never worked before.

  • I loved the interview, and immediately ordered a copy of the new book. I also believe that revolution is the only way to effect change. The recession has been over for almost a year and a half, yet we are still short 40-50 million jobs. Why? because out treasonous government (Republicans and Democrats) has been paying corporations to ship our jobs overseas. Since both sides (the Republicrat Party) are equally involved in this crime, and since they have rigged the election process to guarantee that no third party can arise, no election can improve things. Revolution is the only way.

  • Video of MSNBC Appearance | Ted Rall's …

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  • Great interview. I’m still in shock that MSNBC booked you as a guest. Maybe there is hope for the corporate media.

    • Well, there are ratings to be had by appealing to the majority of the American people–you know, the ones who don’t vote and think the system sucks.

  • Ted, I just watched the interview, and I thought you did a really good job.

  • I agree with everything exkiodexian said except the “Not ever” part. The conditions in this country are far from revolutionary standards. It’s simple bickering at this point with small acts of violence. If the economic trends continue for years, then maybe people will begin to “have eachother’s back” and truly sacrifice for their beliefs.

    One things that is so often left out of these types of arguments, however, is the elephant in the room known as the human population. Comparing any political climate or uprising in the past is a complete moot point when one considers the basic math involved in resource availability.

  • “Well, there are ratings to be had by appealing to the majority of the American people–you know, the ones who don’t vote and think the system sucks.”

    So true. If print and broadcast media would regularly include journalists like you in their mix, they wouldn’t be losing so many readers and viewers.

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