Afghan Notebook #18


  • Have Ted & Co. been under any pressure to observe the restrictions on eating during the day, even if nobody has said anything to them directly? Or is there enough of a non-Muslim population where they are that it’s not unusual to see people eating lunch?

  • Women are not allowed to fast one week during Ramadan (the week varies with the woman); travellers are not required to fast, but must make it up later, or pay a poor person to fast for them.

    Some Islamic countries let restaurants stay open for women and travellers. Others do not. Most that do allow restaurants to stay open require the restaurant to cover the windows so fasting Muslims won’t see the non-fasters.

    But Afghanistan is not an independent Muslim country, it’s a Protectorate of the Coalition.

    Which is why it has good roads (for the Coalition troops) and open restaurants during Ramadan.

  • Quite possibly the Taliban have set up these stands to find out who is not observing Ramadan…

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