ANIMATION: IranTV Presents: America Decides 2000

And here it is!

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19 thoughts on “ANIMATION: IranTV Presents: America Decides 2000

  1. Fortunately we don't have to riot. Plenty of Acorn volunteers are being convicted through our judicial system.

  2. Ted, you got that one right. You really need to overcome your ego dude though, 'cos you're systematically missing the obvious.

  3. Ted this one is the best animation you've done so far; you've also changed the voice over guy.

    And there was no gunshot sound when the punk girl collapses. and the girl who died on video in Iran was actually not part of the protests.

    But Anyway….

    This was a great idea, not to mention the most straight forward animation plot you've ever used.

    PS: Since youtube sucks ever since Google bought it, the buffering got stuck at when the girl says "Americans won't sit on their asses while right wing scum steal an election". LOL.

    Loved the reference to states as provinces. From now on I will be visiting the province of Connecticut.

    Ted; make this video go viral – its the best.



  4. Anon @ 3:14, you Americans will have to struggle continously to make your system responsive to your needs. There is no point getting snarky on Teds blog.

    Anon @ 4:20; How is Ted showing his ego? He seems to be doing a stand up job with his animations mon frére.

  5. Nice. I don't think the Iranian chick that was murdered by the militias was passing Molotovs when she was shot, though.

  6. That was almost too easy.

    But you're right. Americans are absolute cowardly worms compared to voters in other nations.

  7. No Hemlock Man,

    Gore was the cowardly worm. A cowardly worm, and a fake environmentalist.

  8. Great Animation. A step up from where you began with them.

    Anyway, who lost the election of 2000?

    The American people.

    Given the choice between Al Gore and George Bush I wrote in my dog.

  9. Ted, this is GREAT!
    Any chance you could do something on the protests in Georgia? (The Georgia in the Caucasus, where they've been protesting for MONTHS…)

  10. Susan,

    Not sure I think that's a fair criticism. Gore did try to put in a good effort, but I think that the real culprits were SCOTUS and the press.

    Also: while it's all well and good to promote dissent and riots (it's very punk rock), Americans really value law and order. The failure was of law and order to assert itself properly. (And whatsmore, of ANYBODY to bother to fix a broken election model where political appointees have unreasonable power. i.e. Katherine Harris).

    Riots make more sense when you have little to lose. Dumb, fat, and happy people are unsurprisingly slow to rouse into vigor because they have mortgages and kids to feed.

  11. Wow, you guys hung up on 2000 sure seem comfortable with 0's disabled credit-card donations, fake names and blatant Acorn fraud. CANNOT b e l i e v e the New Black Panthers were acquitted of polling violations and physical threats against voters. Whatta galaxy we live in.

    But, giving credit to all our Obama supporters I'm going to guess you think he won fair & square. That the Chicago Way had nothing to do with it.

    Thank god day by day people are wising up to this gold-plated embezzling fraud.

  12. Americans cheer for whoever won. Americans value protests and craziness if they get results. American rioters have to stop going home after a couple of hours. Dissidence is an endurance test.

  13. Gore did try to put in a good effort, but I think that the real culprits were SCOTUS and the press.

    No he didn't. Look up his response to the actions of the Congressional Black Caucus during the debacle.

  14. Katherine Harris was not appointed to Secretary of State.She beat the incumbent.

  15. Your retread of the dying Neda video is both unfunny and unbelievably tasteless. What the hell is wrong with you?

  16. Shady Acres,

    I'm sorry. You are correct: Harris did run. It doesn't change the fact, though, that an essentially partisan person had undue influence on an election decision with oversight by anyone without a bias.

  17. Anonymous 7/9/09 10:49 PM – I haven't forgotten for one minute that Obama's presidential win is as tainted as Bush's (although I have serious doubts about the specific allegations you posit). The fact that Obama's fanboys and fangirls want to brush under the rug is the simple matter that, according to popular vote totals, he didn't win the Democratic nomination. The party establishment handed it to him under the assumption that loyal Democrats would vote for whomever the nominee was because "where else are you going to go?" Sadly, they were, for the most part, completely correct.

    In 2008 I stopped being a loyal Democrat.