NEW ANIMATION: The Fiendish Skies

Sitting in airports waiting for flights operated by carriers that might not still be in business by boarding time gave me the idea for this animation, wherein an airine goes out of business WHILE the flight is in progress. Hope you like it.

6 thoughts on “NEW ANIMATION: The Fiendish Skies

  1. Animation needs to be faster. This is "static scene," pause, "static scene," right we get it that's Congress, pause, OK that's the Simpsons, pause, something about Jon Stewart without a punchline, was that a joke? Pause.

    This seems like taking material for one editorial cartoon and trying to stretch it out into two minutes. It doesn't take two minutes to read one of Ted's editorial cartoons. Two minutes of animation just needs a much fatter script.

  2. After a weekend ruined by Delta, this hits too close for me to laugh. It's very funny though, especially the sampled AA tune.

  3. Give it up Ted. The pacing is too slow, it's not terribly funny, the animation is not sophisticated enough, and you really need to stop doing the voices yourself – get someone else. I suggest you rethink this and try and find a different animator. And this critique is from someone who supports you! This is not the best use of your time.