TGIF – ITMFA edition

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I’ve had a very light week blogging, but not because of a lack of material, just a lack of time. Bush has given us another half-dozen reasons to impeach him, including news that he ignored CIA assessments of Iraq’s government and then “surged” anyway, lying all the way. We had two more obstructions of former staffers testifying to Congress. W twisting the “report card” on Iraqi “benchmarks”. The push is on to start a war with Iran. Too many stories to even cover. The outrage parade goes on. It’s been Friday the Thirteenth on a grand scale in the country for six years. Toast impeachment with one of these:

Impeachment Fizz

Fill a highball glass with ice, and pour in 3 oz peach vodka

pour in peach flavored water

add one shot of Campari without stirring – a bitter reminder of the blood this bastard has spilled

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