It’s Nice to Be Loved

Here’s a lovely email I received today from one “John M. Callihan.” The subject line was “You Demagogue.”

Now, before you read this, you may want to ask yourself: What kind of person writes this sort of thing? OK, so the guy doesn’t agree with my opinions. Fine. He’s irritated. Fine. But to actually go to the trouble of writing this to someone merely because they don’t like what you think?


Rall-Your every bit as despicable as the Nazis’ you depict in that

unspeakably bad cartoon you have comparing our soldiers in Iraq, to the Nazi

SS/Wehrmacht thugs/soldiers. You were born 50-60 years too late–you’d have

gone far in Josef’ Goebbel’s Ministry of Propaganda, or more likely, one of

Beria’s weasals/Commissars’ spreading Stalin’s Gospel writing for Pravda. I

hope you run into an unhinged,angry veteran or two of Iraq and that they

kick the living shit out of you–comparing these despicable shits attacking

our soldiers over there, to the Partisans and resistance fighters who took

on the Nazis’. And then, while your lying there on the sidewalk nursing your

injuries, I hope Tom Friedman walks by, unzips his zipper, and takes a

particularly-long piss on that brain-empty head of yours, you Hack—-anyone

with 1/2 a brain (which obviously cancels you out, you “hard-hitting

journalist”–yeah–I really hope someone hit you hard) could see how envious

and jealous you are of Friedman.

Have A Nice Day,

John Callinan

Ridgewood, NJ

For the record, I have nothing against Tom Friedman. I think he’s an interesting read; my cartoon from Thursday is merely my little reaction to a line of reasoning–once the Republicans get us stuck in something, we’re obligated to follow through–that I find amusing.