Karl Rove’s Trifecta

Generalissimo El Busho only employs one brain among his besitary of Ford Administration retreads, underqualified hacks and Uncle Toms: Karl Rove. And today is a big day for the chief strategist. After engineering the Florida 2000 judicial coup d’état that installed his boss and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s coup lite in California, he’s just pulled off the sleazy Texas redistricting Democrats tried to stop by fleeing to New Mexico.

For those who didn’t follow the story, redistricting is customarily done after each Census. Last time was 2001. But Texas Republicans, noting that custom isn’t law, used their power in the state assembly to take advantage of post-2001 demographic shifts. Anything for a few extra GOP Congressmen–as if they didn’t have enough already.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…it’s technically legal. But much of what goes on in government is the result of gentlemen’s agreements; now that this one has broken down, look for more such shenanigans on both sides. Redistricing is expensive–and we, the taxpayers, pay for it.