Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists

“The New Subversive Political Cartoonists” is the first volume in my ‘”Attitude” trilogy: the definitive record of the political cartooning scene that exploded in alternative weekly newspapers during the 1980s and 1990s. It features interviews of, cartoons by and photos and ephemera about 21 ground-breaking alternative political cartoonists who revolutionized the form. The Iowa City Gazette called “Attitude” “a fascinating look at the minds behind some of the most caustic commentary of modern society and politics.”

Alternative political cartoonists work in the netherworld between facile categorizations. Because they’re passionate and strident, they’re considered too alternative for mainstream daily papers. But, because they’re articulate and focus on ordinary people’s concerns, they’re not always considered alternative by the artsy crowd. Here’s a look at this fascinating world.

Includes cartoons by: Tom Tomorrow (“This Modern World”), Peter Kuper (“Eye of the Beholder”), Ruben Bolling (“Tom the Dancing Bug”), Lloyd Dangle (“Troubletown”), Andy Singer (“No Exit”), Don Asmussen (“San Francisco Comic Strip”), Clay Butler (“Sidewalk Bubblegum”), Jen Sorensen (“Slowpoke”), Scott Bateman, Tim Eagan (“Deep Cover” and “Subconscious Comics”), Derf (“The City”), Lalo Alacaraz (“La Cucaracha”), Joe Sharpnack, Eric Bezdek (“Corn Valley”), William L. Brown (“Citizen Bill”), Ward Sutton (“Schlock ‘n’ Roll”), Stephanie McMillan (“Minimum Security”), Mickey Siporin (“America Outta Line”), Jim Siergey (“Cultural Jet Lag”), Ted Rall (“Search and Destroy”), & Matt Wuerker (“Lint Trap”).

“Today’s most provocative editorial cartooning isn’t in daily newspapers; it is in alternative weeklies. Whereas old-school editorial cartoonists rely on timeworn traditions, topics, and techniques, the new breed tackles contemporary concerns, such as commercialism and environmentalism (invariably from the left), rather than electoral politics, and generally works in comic-strip, instead of single-panel, format. Rall, one of the most prominent newcomers, interviews 20 colleagues and presents generous samplings of their work. The best of them possess so much lacerating wit and unswerving commitment that they fairly shame their hidebound mainstream counterparts into retirement.”
—School Library Journal

Anthology of Alternative Weekly Cartoonists, 2002
NBM Paperback, 8.5″x11″, 128 pp., $13.95

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