The Trump Code

Donald Trump has risen to the top of the Republican primaries by speaking candidly about his prejudices against immigrants and others. Now the Republican Party has him using code, like resurrecting Richard Nixon’s old “silent majority.”

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  1. Yo Ted, I don’t know where you want to draw the line, but somebody is posting actual White Power talking points in your blog comments now. “It’s a dark day for white people” and shit.

  2. Once again, it is demonstrated that the only race not allowed a sense of community or any protection of its culture and values…is whites. This is a dark hour in which so many whites feel more community with people who are in America illegally than they do with the white poor who are citizens.

    The Republicans must use symbols because…wait for it…the liberal zeitgeist won’t allow non-PC honesty. If the media were not liberal…codes would be unnecessary. You guys love logic, right?

  3. Query: If “hard working Americans” is code for “white people”, then what is the code for “hard working Americans”? Or do we think the very idea is non-existent somehow?

    “I know that when you say ‘hard-working Americans’ you really mean ‘white people’ ” as a concept has a self-reference problem if you ask me, because the implication is that in the eye of the beholder of the term, that’s what it means, too, otherwise they wouldn’t know the code, of course.

    This is not to suggest that Republicans don’t use those words in code as indicated, but when someone who isn’t a Republican uses the term to mean that code, even though it’s an accusation against Republicans, it’s as if an admission that everyone knows what this means, which implies some truth to the idea.

    I deny that’s what the words “hard-working Americans” means, and therefore I deny the code other people use for its meaning as “white people” as well, otherwise I think I’m implying in some that the code has some from of validity, and I deny that it does.

  4. Trump is among the only honest American politicians.

    These politicians are an evil bunch, but Trump speaks from his true nature while all the other zombies, lizard people, and cannibals try to look like the non-psycho people you’d meet every day.

    Bush once spoke truthfully when he repeated publicly that his job, as it had to have been described to him, was to “catapult the propaganda.”

    • Bush is unusual among modern politicians in that he somehow managed to become POTUS without ever really wanting the job very much. His great ambition in life was to own a baseball team.

    • Don’t be so sure Trump believes everything he says. He is a master of persuasion and image.

      One would hope that liberals could see that large amounts of immigration and “free trade” deals are not good for the American working class. But that would seem to be a fruitless hope.

      • None of them mean much of what they say.

        Take Obama for example.

        Anyone who has been paying attention doesn’t need a laundry list.

        But if you have been and don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re hopelessly thick.

      • You said, “Trump speaks from his true nature.” Somehow I took that to mean you were saying he believes what he says. How thick I am indeed…

      • “None of them mean much of what they say,” does not mean that “any of them mean ALL of what they say.”

        But much of what Trump says is in conformity with the rapacious nature of other Rs and Ds, who dare not use the explicit language that Trump uses.

        Trumps language is refreshingly free from self-censorship and coding, hence his popularity among those feeling burdened by PC.

  5. And yet, Democrats NEVER speak in code to their Kool-aide drinkers? Say like, “Standing by the only democracy in the Middle East” = Technologically sponsoring an ethnically annihilating genocide against all non-white, non-Jewish Palestinians in Historic Palestine

    Democrats are just Republicans with a slightly different cultural emphasis.


    • Israel is the elephant in the room, absolutely. But it’s also political suicide in this country do to anything other than to pretend that they’re the victims.

      Kinda like overpopulation: it’s the root cause of most of our problems, and it will just get worse. Yet not one, single, candidate will dare say anything because it would destroy their chances of getting elected.

      • Abortion, the pill, delaying marriage, emphasizing women’s education etc. have done wonders to control Western White populations without the hassle of restrictive statutes a la China. It’s the way of the Cultural Marxist. Why use force when you can use propaganda?

  6. ayup.

    I’ve often thought about writing a republican to human dictionary.

    “Inner City” => Black
    “Family Values” => Homophobia and/or barefoot & pregnant
    “Right to work” => union busting
    “Defense” => Offence
    “Deregulate” => Pollute
    “Entrepreneurs” => Koch Bros
    “Freedom of Religion” => Government support for Christianity
    “Free Speech” => money talks
    “Tax Cuts” => Tax cuts for the rich
    “Freedom of the press” => Firing cartoonists who won’t toe the line

    • CrazyH,


      And please note, many of these “terms” come up in newspapers all the time. So much for the much-vaunted “lib’ral bias.”

      • Thanks! 😉

        If we ever had a liberal media, it vanished soon after Nixon went down.

        I remember the rockin’ radio stations during ‘nam. The DJs were all about peace, love & groovy, speaking out against the war, etc. Contrast that to Iraq, the same damn stations were all about supporting the troops (AKA “supporting the war”) and liberating Iraq (AKA “looting & pillaging”) sometimes even the same DJs.

        It’s easy Ted – you want to keep your job? Sell out, man. Everybody else has.

      • Yes, I remember that. Specifically, the second day of the Gulf War in 1991. Never again was an anti-war protest mentioned on commercial rock radio in the United States.

    • Progressive to English dictionary:

      Urban youths: black teens
      Diversity: nonwhite
      Anti-racist: anti-white
      Oppressor: white man
      Victim: woman
      Immigrant: nonwhite
      Undocumented worker: illegal alien
      Single mothers: failures
      LBGTQXYZ: homosexuals
      Feminist: Marxist
      Bigot: traditional man

      This is fun! And easy. You want to talk about codes? The Left? Get real! I could go all day but have shit to do.

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